Shift4 MarketplaceFAQ

For merchants processing their payments with Shift4, Shift4 Payments offers a POS Marketplace with a wide range of certified third-party apps that seamlessly integrate with the following Marketplace-certified POS platforms: HBR, CirroTouch, Duet, POSitouch, Future POS, Restaurant Manager and Harbortouch Hospitality. In a “integrate once” fashion to the Marketplace cloud-based API, third-party apps will enjoy access to thousands of merchants using these POS platforms.

No. Only merchants processing their payments with Shift4 have access to the Shift4 Marketplace.

There is no cost to the merchant to access the Shift4 Marketplace. In fact, Shift4 has negotiated meaningful discounts with our Marketplace partners so our merchants can utilize the most popular third-party apps at a lower cost.

There must be a valid business case and meaningful commercial terms for a third-party to move forward and integrate to the Shift4 Marketplace. Here is an overview of the process:

  1. Third-party completes the partner inquiry questionnaire found here. Within 2 business days, a response email will be sent to indicate receipt by Shift4.
  2. If the third-party app involves the processing of payments, we require that all payments process through the Shift4 platform.
    1. For payment processing apps, the Shift4 Business Development Team will work with the third-party and make the payments business case and assess if the process can proceed to Step 3.
  3. For all third-party apps (payments or not) the Marketplace leadership team will:
    1. Assess applicability and overall value to the merchant base.
    2. Negotiate meaningful discounts for our merchants and other commercial terms.
    3. Assess the feasibility of the third-party to integrate with our cloud-based API. Integrating once to the Marketplace cloud-based API provides connectivity to all merchants processing payments with Shift4 on one of the certified POS platforms (HBR, CirroTouch, Duet, POSitouch, Future POS, Restaurant Manager and Harbortouch Hospitality).
    4. Make the final decision to move-forward and if approved, engage all parties necessary to ensure successful integration and launch.


We are currently working on a program to facilitate this. We will be piloting this program with the first ISV starting early Q2 ’21 and plan on launching mid-year. This program is an extension of the SkyTab pay-at-the-table integration program that is already in place. In addition to Marketplace-certification, this program also opens the door for SkyTab order-at-the-table, SkyTab “Online” and Shift4’s QR ordering integration. There will be further announcements on this topic when we get closer to launch.