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Built to help you do more good, our nonprofit donation solution will help your organization thrive - including the leading crypto giving platform.

Non-profit payment solutions

Seamless Donations and Flexible Fundraising

Optimize your giving potential, transform the donation experience
and let’s inspire change, together.

Recurring Donations

With support for recurring giving, you can turn one-time donors into perpetual supporters and empower them to manage their gifting frequency.

recurring donations for non-profits

Gifting Boost

Every little bit counts. Raise more money by giving donors the option to cover processing fees with a fixed percentage or dollar amount.

gifting boost for non-profits

Donor Receipts

Stay thankful. Send automatic email receipts to recognize donors for their charitable giving — and tax reporting purposes.

donor receipts for non-profits

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Caring With Crypto

Our cryptocurrency donation platform, The Giving Block, offers solutions for nonprofits, charities, universities, and more.

Expand Your Donor Base

Expand the reach of your organization and tap into a new base of donors by accepting Bitcoin and numerous other cryptocurrencies.

Crypto giving expands donor base for non-profits

A Turnkey Experience

We automatically convert all crypto donations to cash, which is then deposited into your account like any other donation.

Non-profits can turn crypto into cash

The Leading Crypto Giving Platform

The Giving Block is the leading marketplace for crypto giving, with over 1,100 nonprofits and thousands of donors.

The leading crypto platform for non-profits

A Growing Opportunity

Crypto donations were cited as the #1 trend in philanthropic giving in 2022, and the average crypto donation is over $10,500.

crypto donations for non-profits

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Donation Insights & Analytics

Lighthouse Business Manager

Have complete control over your nonprofit organization. Lighthouse Business Manager puts actionable data at your fingertips and empowers you with the right tools to oversee every aspect of your organization.

Lighthouse Transaction Manager

With advanced auditing and reporting capabilities, Lighthouse Transaction Manager is an all-inclusive payment management platform to simplify accounting processes and improve operations.

Lighthouse transaction manager


Ironclad Security

Your customers’ data will always be protected by state-of-the-art security technology, including EMV, PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE), and advanced tokenization.

Competitive Pricing

With our one-stop-shop approach, Shift4 can offer you the lowest total cost to accept donations – including waived fees.

Exceptional Support

Enjoy white-glove service every step of the way. Our in-house support team is here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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