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Optimize your operations and make informed business decisions by leveraging transaction data and advanced reporting capabilities.


Spend less time on labor-intensive administrative tasks and spend more time
actually running your business.

Access Real-Time Transaction Data

Monitor your real-time transaction data to track successful and failed payments, refunds, chargebacks and more.

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Leverage Business Analytics for Deeper Insights

Use advanced reporting to track performance, identify sales trends, and make data-driven decisions.

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Get A Complete View of Your Customers

Gain a deeper understanding of customers’ payment preferences and purchasing behavior.

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Unlock Unified Payments Data

Seamlessly integrate your business’s online and offline payment data to get a holistic view of your entire commerce landscape.

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API Integration

Integrate transaction data and reporting functionality directly into your systems and get the exact data you need, when you need it.

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Generate Reports

Get the full picture of your transactions, service fees, chargeback activity, and adjustments that makes up your payments.

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Want to Learn More?

Unleash the Power of Data at Your Fingertips

Empower your business and streamline operations with transaction analysis, advanced reporting features, powerful fraud prevention tools, and much more.


Access a wide range of reports to better assess your business and make smart, data-driven decisions.

Accounting & Auditing

A 24-month rolling transaction archive with pre and post-settlement auditing so you can save time on reconciliation.

Batch Settlement

Enterprise-wide settlement and reporting options including auto-settle vs. manual settlement.

Fraud Monitoring

Ensure all transactions are legitimate and protect your business from potential fraud.

Employee Scheduling

Easily manage employee schedules with a native calendar and shift management tools.

Customer Engagement

Use built-in marketing tools to set up welcome emails and promotional offers to improve customer loyalty.

Online Reputation

View ratings from multiple online review platforms, and easily respond to customers to maintain your brand.

Social Media

Schedule posts, track the performance of your content, and manage all your social media accounts in one place.

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