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Deliver a better customer experience and streamline operations with QR code technology.


Guests can easily order and pay at their convenience by simply scanning a QR code
with the camera on their smartphone.

Order With QR Codes

  • Your business displays a custom QR code on your menu, tabletent, or placemat
  • Customers scan the code with their smartphone camera and the menu opens in the phone’s web browser
  • Customers select the menu items they want.
  • Once the menu selections are made, customers can submit the order directly to the point of sale system

Pay With QR Codes

  • A unique QR code is printed or displayed on the screen of the payment device
  • The customer scans the code with their smartphone and the bill opens in their phone’s web browser
  • The customer can pay with Apple Pay or enter their card info, then add a tip and check out
  • The check automatically closes when the payment is complete since QR Pay is integrated with the POS system

Transform Your Business

Bridge the gap between physical and digital commerce channels with QR code technology that offers a convenient, contactless way for customers to order and pay.

  • Mobile-friendly menu with easy setup and management
  • Speed up service with orders automatically routing to the POS system
  • Increase table turns with improved efficiency
  • Build a marketing database by capturing customer email addresses
  • Available to Shift4 customers for FREE

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