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Industry-Leading Security TechnologiesPacked With Additional Features

Shift4 has been at the forefront of payments innovation since the company was founded more than two decades ago. The result of that continual innovation is our industry-leading payment gateway, which is powered by the most secure and unique technologies available. Our gateway is truly one-of-a-kind because of the groundbreaking security and features behind the scenes.

Layered Payment Security


Our EMV solution is certified for U.S. and Canadian processing, with dozens of device options and unique features, like quick chip and offline EMV processing.

Point-to-Point Encryption

Our PCI-validated P2PE solution encrypts cardholder data right at the terminal, so sensitive cardholder data never enters the merchant’s environment. Learn More.


We invented the industry’s first payment data tokenization solution, which replaces stored card data with a random, alphanumeric value that is useless in the hands of data thieves.

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These solutions work together seamlessly to provide unparalleled protection against costly data breaches. Your customers’ personal information will always be protected — during the transaction and long after — by the most up-to-date and reliable payment security technologies available.

The Innovative Features Behind Our Best-in-Class Payment Gateway

Identify and resolve problem transactions with powerful features like pre- and post-settlement auditing and a 24-month rolling transaction archive.

We offer a variety of mobile terminals as well as support for the latest mobile payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Secure, private-line connection that delivers the industry’s fastest transactions.

Finds the fastest route to our data centers.

Certified devices from Ingenico, Verifone, ID TECH, PAX, Innowi, and more.

With EMV, P2PE, and tokenization working together, your payment processing environment will be completely out of PCI scope.

Our data tokenization technology has multiple uses outside of payments, like securing your reservations, analytics, allowing for secure data sharing, and more.

Monitors and prevents instances of “trusted employee” fraud.

A single login allows you to view and operate your entire business in real time — every single revenue center across all your locations, stores, or properties.

Our gateway was designed to meet the payments needs of any business — from independent shops to multinational chains.

Fully integrated with the POS or PMS, so no additional terminals or phone lines are needed.

Prevents lost or duplicate transactions.

Acceptance of the preferred payment method for Chinese travelers.

Support for the latest in payments technology, like signature capture, quick chip EMV, offline EMV, customized on-screen marketing, with frequent updates to add new functionality.

If your internet connection is lost, you can continue accepting payments (within a preselected price range) without skipping a beat.

We’ve maintained an industry-leading system uptime for more than a decade.

And many more!

We offer connections to all the top payment processors in the U.S. and Canada:

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