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There is a big difference between Shift4’s PCI-validated P2PE solution and solutions that are simply PCI-compliant. Shift4’s solution removes a merchant’s POS/PMS and network completely from PCI scope, since we ensure that actual cardholder data never enters the merchant’s system. Our P2PE solution has many advantages over other solutions. Here are a few examples:

The Shift4 Advantage

What Other Solutions
May Be Missing

Self-Assessment Questionnaire Form (SAQ-P2PE)

The Shift4 Advantage

Because the Shift4 solution is PCI-validated, you are eligible to use the simplified SAQ-P2PE form for PCI compliance with only about 30 questions, reduced from over 330.

What Other Solutions May Be Missing

The full SAQ-D form must be used if the P2PE solution is not PCI-validated, which takes considerably longer to complete and requires 330+ questions to be answered.

Payment Security

The Shift4 Advantage

Our patented Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®) sets our P2PE offering apart from any competition, and we include P2PE as a built-in service at no additional cost.

What Other Solutions May Be Missing

With other solutions, payment security is treated more like a pricy add-on using third-party P2PE component providers rather than a core component.

Device Options

The Shift4 Advantage

Shift4 is certified with dozens of payment devices, including Ingenico, Verifone, PAX, ID TECH, and more. Click here for a full list of certified devices.

What Other Solutions May Be Missing

With device-based P2PE solutions, you may be limited to a specific brand or model of payment terminal, which can translate to fewer features and weaker overall security.

Third-Party Gift Cards

The Shift4 Advantage

Shift4 supports third-party gift cards as a payment type — all through one seamless integration. This means that your gift card transactions are secured with P2PE, just like your credit or debit card transactions.

What Other Solutions May Be Missing

With P2PE providers that don’t support third-party gift cards, you may need to employ a separate, stand-beside terminal that does not encrypt the gift card data.

Skytab device

What About SkyTab?

Shift4’s P2PE solution even protects mobile payments, like our SkyTab order- and pay-at-the-table solution. Restaurant and hotel owners can bring full mobility to their customers in the most secure way possible, keeping their payments completely out of scope.

Stronger Together:The Layered Security Approach

Our PCI-validated P2PE solution works hand-in-hand with our other industry-leading payment security technologies to drastically reduce the size of the merchant’s cardholder data environment. When our EMV, P2PE, and tokenization solutions are combined, merchants can secure every touchpoint in their payment processing environment and maintain maximum protection against the ever-evolving and ever-present threats of those who want to steal cardholder data.

Security approach


Shift4 Security Corner

Shift4’s List of Certified Devices

Shift4 SAQ-D and Attestation
of Compliance

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