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Environmental Social Governance | ESG

Shift4 is Committed to Sustainability

We are dedicated to being good stewards of the environment and having a positive impact on our employees and communities.

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ESG Oversight and Governance

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and contributing to important social and governance-related causes. We have established ESG oversight at the board level and have begun to report key ESG performance updates.

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Identifying ESG Priorities

Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives are increasingly becoming integrated with our overall business strategy and risk assessments. In 2022, we developed a formal ESG program that included gathering data consistent with the overall ESG disclosure requirements outside stakeholders are increasingly requesting.

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Key Objectives

Through our ESG materiality assessment, we identified eight ESG priorities. Our aim is to further build upon the foundation, including ongoing evaluation of our performance, continued formalization of ESG oversight, and developing a reporting framework to track key performance indicators pertaining to ESG.

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