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Fighting Against Fraud

Fraud Sentry

How it Works

Customer Fraud

Fraud Sentry®

There are many types of internal credit card fraud, the most common of which involves the practice of "trusted-employees" issuing false or over-stated credits to their own cards or to those of their associates. To help fight internal fraud, DOLLARS ON THE NET® includes Fraud Sentry® as a detection and prevention tool to help identify and stop internal fraud.

How it Works

Prior to settlement, Fraud Sentry scans through a company's transaction archive, searching for a matching charge or series of charges that correspond to each refund or credit. If a valid match is not found or if the credit exceeds the charges, the suspected credit transaction is flagged and reported to the auditor. If the auditor elects to submit the transaction anyway, the auditor must enter their password for verification. Once the password is verified, the transaction is submitted and an e-mail notification, including the time, date, profit center, and clerk ID for the suspect transaction, is sent to the merchant. Fraud Sentry can also be configured to bypass the auditor and automatically decline the settlement of all suspicious transactions. In any case, merchants are armed with the detailed information they need to investigate or prevent possible fraud.

Additionally, Fraud Sentry offers you a variety of ways to analyze trends that may signal that there are fraudulent activities. Within DOLLARS ON THE NET, a controller is able to request that Fraud Sentry track and report a variety of different trends by setting their own threshold tolerances. For example, a controller may want to know if a card was used more than a certain number of times in a day, week, or month; whether the total purchases for a card exceeded a certain amount in any given timeframe; or even whether the total number or price of credits for a single card exceed a threshold. This type of trend analysis allows merchants to uncover even the most advanced fraud.

Note: Fraud Sentry may be implemented at a single location or as an enterprise-wide solution.

Customer Fraud

To protect against customer fraud, Shift4 offers Address Verification Services (AVS) and full support of CVV2, CVC2, and CID codes (the three- or four-digit numbers located on the physical credit card). Historically, AVS and CVV2 were used only for card-not-present transactions (e.g., e-Commerce sites, mail order, etc.). Visa's VIP program, however, has extended the advantages of these tools to merchants of all types. Running these verifications can help guard against the use of stolen cards and can be particularly beneficial for establishments with larger ticket averages and for any company running a tab or open authorization (e.g., hotels, bars, auto rental, etc.).

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