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The original: TrueTokenization

The History of TrueTokenization


The Original: TrueTokenization®

Shift4's proprietary tokenization solution replaces cardholder data (CHD) and addresses the vulnerability issues associated with the long-term storage of sensitive CHD. With TrueTokenization®, the burden of storing and protecting CHD is transferred from the merchant to the payment gateway.

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The History of TrueTokenization®

In 2005, Shift4 hosted a security conference in Las Vegas attended by software developers and representatives from all of the credit card associations that would change the fundamentals of data protection and PCI requirements for merchants. It was there that Shift4 unveiled tokenization, a new technology integrated with Shift4's Software as a Service (SaaS) DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway. Since the introduction of tokenization, Shift4 has processed more than five billion tokenized transactions through hundreds of tokenized interfaces.

While various companies have jumped on the bandwagon with solutions that they call tokenization, most use the word to mean virtually any technology that enables the card number to be replaced or modified. Some of these so-called tokenization solutions are card number encryption, hashing, truncation, or merely obfuscation. Consultants, Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs), and even the PCI council itself have clouded the issue of what tokenization really is.

For that reason, Shift4 refers to its tokenization solution – the original, authentic solution – as TrueTokenization.

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