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Secure Online Payment Processing

How i4Go Works

True Protection with TrueTokenization

Secure Online Payment Processing

i4Go® was designed to protect cardholder data (CHD) in what we like to call "click-and-mortar" environments – those e-Commerce business environments with Internet browser-based applications that integrate online (Web site) and onsite (kiosk, Software as a Service) technologies.

How i4Go® Works

i4Go safely and securely integrates into both card-present and card-not-present environments using a browser-embedded application at the point of sale. i4Go provides the same security and CHD protection for e-Commerce environments that 4Go® does for traditional "brick-and-mortar," non-browser-based environments. Merchants who implement i4Go technology can be confident that they are using a secure and reliable service that will simplify PCI compliance while protecting their customers' sensitive information as well as their own company brand. i4Go accomplishes its mission of providing secure online transactions and PCI compliance through direct post. At the point of sale, the customer safely enters their CHD directly into the merchant's application using an integrated and secure Shift4 Payments form and only the CHD portion is redirected from the customer's browser.

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True Protection with TrueTokenization®

Lighthouse Transaction Manager employs TrueTokenization® technology to generate a random, alphanumeric TrueToken® that reduces the vulnerabilities associated with the online transmission and long-term storage of CHD. The actual CHD is sent to one of our PCI-compliant data centers for storage while the TrueToken, and only the TrueToken, is used to process the transaction. Since the TrueToken only references the real data associated with the specific transaction, it can safely be stored and used for later authorization, settlement, and recurring charges.

When using i4Go, CHD never enters the merchant's browser-based application and/or hosting provider's environment. If the merchant never comes into contact with the sensitive data, the burden of protecting CHD is removed. Because CHD is NEVER stored, processed, or transmitted by the merchant's site (Web application) or hosting-provider (Web server) environment, the scope of PCI is greatly reduced and, in most e-commerce cases, eliminated.

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