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A smart way to protect data

A Smarter Way to Protect Data

How 4Go Works

End-to-End Protection with TrueTokenization

Completely Compliant

A Smarter Way to Protect Data

The first solution of its kind, 4Go® is a patented* software application that is installed at the keyboard driver level, meaning it loads itself as part of Windows. 4Go provides merchants in physical locations (like retail stores) an additional layer of security by preventing the Point of Sale (POS)/Property Management System (PMS) from ever handling sensitive cardholder data (CHD).

When using 4Go, CHD never enters the merchant's POS/PMS environment. If the merchant never comes into contact with the sensitive data, the burden of protecting CHD is removed. Because no CHD is being stored, processed, or transmitted by the merchant, the scope of PCI is greatly reduced.

How 4Go® Works

4Go runs on the merchant's payment terminal and intercepts CHD as soon as it is swiped – before it ever enters the POS or PMS – and replaces it with either false cardholder data (FCHD) or a TrueToken®, eliminating CHD vulnerability as it travels over internal networks or is stored in local log files.

See How 4Go Works

End-to-End Protection with TrueTokenization®

When 4Go is integrated with a POS/PMS application that supports TrueTokenization®, data in transit and data in long-term storage is fully protected. This combination delivers the benefits of both tokenization and end-to-end encryption, providing the highest level of security to the merchant and the cardholder.

4Go uses TrueTokenization to generate a random, alphanumeric TrueToken that reduces the vulnerabilities associated with CHD as it travels over internal networks and is stored long-term. The actual CHD is sent to one of our PCI-compliant data centers for storage while the TrueToken is used to complete the transaction. Since the TrueToken only references the real data associated with this specific transaction for this specific merchant, it can be safely stored and used for later authorization, settlement, and recurring charges.

Completely Compliant

4Go is validated by the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) as a payment application. When installed properly at a merchant's site, 4Go actually serves as the payment application of record. As a result, merchants with old, previously unsecure, and even blacklisted POS/PMS applications can normally achieve PA-DSS compliance without having to change their existing application. Whether used as the compliant payment application or as a layered security approach allowing merchants to not only reduce costs but also to comply with and surpass the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), 4Go simplifies the entire PCI process.

*Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®), 4Go®, 4Word®, and i4Go® are covered by one or more of the following U.S. Pat. Nos.: 7770789; 7841523; 7891563; 8328095; 8688589; 8690056; 9082120; 9256874; 9495680; 9818111; 9836745

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