September 27, 2001

Showcasing Integrated Merchant Payment Systems at G2E

Las Vegas, NV, September 27, 2001 — Shift4 Corporation, a leading developer of credit card and transaction processing software, will introduce the first complete integrated merchant payment system at this year’s new Global Gaming Exposition. Global Gaming Expo (G2E) is the gaming industries new venue, which will feature the latest products and services in the industry. The event will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on October 1-3 where Shift4 representatives will be demonstrating the new Enterprise solution.

The Solution

Shift4 Corporation offers a complete Enterprise solution consisting of Merchant Processing Software, Credit/Debit Card Cash Advance Systems, and Stored Value/Loyalty/Gift Card programs. The Enterprise solution provides gaming companies with the ability to consolidate all aspects of their Merchant processing business and gain complete control.

This centralized merchant processing payment solution facilitates sub-five second authorization times and delivers multi-point connectivity to property management and point-of-sale systems across any managed IP network such as a corporate WAN, the Internet, Satellite link, or CDPD wireless modem. It also provides superior accountability through real-time auditing, reporting, historical transaction archiving and retrieval, and trusted employee fraud protection. Shift4’s Enterprise e-Payment Solutions are designed to deliver custom tailored solutions that consolidate transaction data at a single point and cost less than terminal based solutions. Shift4 offers the only electronic payment solution that allows hotel companies, destination resorts, clubs, restaurants, casinos and other multi-unit hospitality companies to utilize a single, high-speed payment gateway for a chain of dispersed properties, regardless of their individual merchant banking, franchise affiliation or POS/PMS vendor relationships.

“One of the key benefits of our solutions is its simplicity of installation and support. In most cases there is no dedicated hardware required since our NetApi(TM) software can run as a background Windows NT service or a UNIX process,” noted Rich Dingle, Vice President of Business Development. “Our NetApi is a transaction router which interfaces to local POS/PMS systems and encrypts the data as it is passed to the $$$ IN THE BANK NE server. Our proprietary encryption technology called DUKPT with MTE (Derived Unique Key Per Transaction with Moving Target Encryption) delivers 300+ bit encryption which is 200 times more secure than 128 bit SSL.”

CashHere™ changes the rules of the cash advance game. The CashHere system allows your patrons to draw cash advance from their credit card accounts without requiring a personal identification number (PIN). In addition, customers may acquire cash advances utilizing their debit cards with personal identification numbers (PIN). By providing customers with convenient access to their funds, you can increase dollars to the casino floor. CashHere eliminates the middlemen involved in the cash advance process. We charge a flat per-transaction fee, so any margin above the discount rate is yours to keep and you can adjust the service fees as business dictates. Also, increase your cash flow with next day funding of transaction amount and commissions. CashHere is a fully integrated solution eliminating the need for additional space consuming equipment in the cage. Fraud and charge back disputes are reduced with electronic signature capture. CashHere puts the control back in the hands of the casino.

Shift4 Corporation removes the conventional hassles from a fully integrated private label card program. Shift4 built IT’S YOUR CARD® upon the industry’s leading electronic payment software platform. Robust and flexible, IT’S YOUR CARD is a fully customizable in-house or ASP-based processing center that can be used in conjunction with other promotional programs to provide a private label payment platform for gift cards, discount cards, loyalty/reward cards, etc. Gaming enterprises can stimulate sales by offering discounts at selected profit centers and can issue card-based gift certificates or “Club” cards, redeemable at any location. Hand in hand with Shift4’s NetEnterprise or DOLLARS ON THE NET systems, IT’S YOUR CARD becomes a centralized rules based system providing unprecedented flexibility and creativity. IT’S YOUR CARD offers fully POS/PMS integration which provides bank/process