May 26, 2011

Shift4 to Host Tokenization Webinar for Hospitality Professionals

LAS VEGAS (Marketwire) Thursday, May 26, 2011 — Fulfilling their role as merchant advocates, Shift4 Corporation, payment gateway providers and creators of tokenization, will host a Webinar entitled Are You Asking the Right Questions About Tokenization? to educate hospitality professionals on the benefits of tokenization and the dangers of weak or incomplete security solutions.

“As tokenization becomes an industry standard and generates more buzz, we are increasingly seeing organizations promoting solutions that are ‘tokenization in name only,’ and we feel merchants deserve to know,” said Shift4 CEO Dave Oder. “These solutions just do not carry nearly the same level of security or flexibility as the tokenization we designed and released to the industry back in 2005.”

The Webinar, to be held June 13, 2011, will provide merchants searching for a tokenization solution with the questions they should ask as well as the “answers” that should raise red flags.

After the Webinar, all attendees will receive a blank RFI document they can submit to potential vendors. The RFI contains more than 50 questions to ensure merchants get all the information they need. Shift4’s responses to the RFI questions will be made available only upon request.

The questions to be covered are drawn from Shift4’s extensive experience. Since introducing tokenization to the payment industry in 2005, Shift4 has processed more than three billion tokenized transactions. Their TrueTokenization® is the most mature, complete, flexible solution on the market.

“Our aim for this Webinar is to empower hospitality executives to make educated decisions regarding tokenization and to cut through the hype and marketing-speak surrounding incomplete ‘tokenization in name only’ solutions,” said Shift4’s Bob Lowe, who will conduct the event.

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