June 16, 2016

Shift4 Shares EMV Certifications With Dozens of Vendors and Thousands of Merchants

Payment Gateway Provider’s Proprietary Technologies and Established Partnerships Deliver EMV Capability to Merchants Across the U.S. and Canada

LAS VEGAS – June 16, 2016 – (PRNewswire) –

With the U.S. EMV liability shift coming up on its first anniversary, many merchants are still struggling with adoption. That’s why the provider of the DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway, Shift4 Corporation, today announced that the company now offers merchants more EMV implementation options than any other payment gateway provider.

With more than 20 years of payments expertise, Shift4 has built successful partnerships that allow independent software vendors (ISVs) and merchants to adopt EMV quickly and securely, freeing up their development resources to focus on their business objectives.

  • EMV muscle: Shift4 offers EMV with an unprecedented 57 device and processor combinations with seven front-end payment processors in the United States and Canada — and is actively working on dozens of additional certified combinations. Shift4’s solution supports EMV with all the major card brands across all merchant types, including hospitality, retail, food and beverage, auto rental, and mail order/telephone order. This allows merchants of any size, in any industry, to adopt an integrated EMV setup that complements their business.

  • 70+ POS/PMS integrations: Shift4 is able to extend their EMV certifications to more than 70 point-of-sale and property management system integrations through their advanced EMV- and PA-DSS-certified technology, the Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®). This removes the need for ISVs to independently work their way through a lengthy, complicated and expensive EMV certification process. For a list of ISVs working with Shift4 to support EMV, please visit shift4.com/EMVpartners.
  • The latest payment devices: Shift4 works with Ingenico Group and Verifone to offer EMV through a variety of payment devices and connection methods (USB, serial, Ethernet, Bluetooth, or WiFi) — and, thanks to Shift4’s unique infrastructure, ISVs don’t have to code to them, saving them money and speeding adoption.
  • Layered security: Shift4 supports the latest payment methods to meet consumers’ needs and provides layered security for EMV, magnetic stripe and NFC/contactless transactions (like Apple Pay®). Using Shift4’s True P2PE point-to-point encryption and TrueTokenization® technologies, merchants can ensure that they never store, process, or transmit sensitive payment data, greatly reducing their PCI scope and the risk of experiencing a devastating data breach.

J.D. Oder II, CTO and SVP — R&D of Shift4, said:
“EMV was never designed with the merchant experience or ISVs in mind. As an advocate for the payments industry’s smaller players, Shift4 invested heavily and spent countless hours developing a solution that not only makes EMV simple to adopt, but also removes the burden of handling cardholder data anywhere in the merchant’s systems. Merchants that work with Shift4 will improve card-present authentication with EMV — and have the benefits of our P2PE and tokenization solutions, shrinking their PCI scope and making the risk of experiencing a breach next to nothing. Shift4 and our partners will continue to be on the forefront of merchants’ transaction processing needs.”

Dave Oder, CEO of Shift4, said:
“It’s no secret that the EMV certification process is a nightmare. Thousands of merchants are left waiting for this technology simply because their systems vendors are still waiting for a place in line for their chance at a potential stamp of approval. Shift4 has done here what we’ve always done, leveraged our technical know-how and industry prowess to deliver a simple solution for our ISV partners and the merchants that we mutually serve.”

ISVs that are still waiting in line for EMV should email partnersupport@shift4.com to find out how they can quickly and easily certify with Shift4.

To learn more about Shift4’s EMV solution, please visit shift4.com/EMV or call 800.265.5795.

About Shift4 Corporation
Shift4 stands alone as the last major player in the payments space to remain independent, self funded, and merchant focused. Our DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway comes with all the bells and whistles: pre- and post-settlement auditing, fraud controls, support for new technologies like EMV and mobile, secure connections to nearly every major bank and processor in North America, and 350+ certified integrations to leading POS, PMS, and e-commerce platforms. Shift4 invests heavily in payment security — we invented tokenization and own eight payment-security patents. We empower our 33,000+ merchant customers with the flexibility to customize our secure payment processing solutions to fit their business. Learn more at shift4.com.


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