October 16, 2008

Shift4 Releases PABP Validated Driver for Legacy MICROS 9700

Las Vegas, NV, October 16, 2008 ? Shift4 Corporation, a leading developer of enterprise payment solutions, today released a proprietary driver to secure leading third party point-of-sale (POS) systems. The Shift4 enhanced MICROS 9700 Secure Driver assures that no cardholder data is ever stored in the POS application, database, or server. The driver requires the use of Shift4’s secure payment gateway, DOLLARS ON THE NET® with TrueTokenization® technology.

“This completes Shift4’s suite of drivers for legacy MICROS systems, which accelerates our customers’ ability to become secure and greatly simplifies PCI compliance efforts without the financial burden of system replacement,” said John Mann, Vice President of Sales, Shift4 Corporation.

Qualified Security Assessor, Trustwave recently studied 400 cardholder data compromises that revealed 90% of these incidents involved small merchants. In addition, 95% of brick-and-mortar merchants had non-compliant software, while 60% of online merchants stored cardholder data. To help small merchants become secure and compliant without purchasing a complete POS system upgrade, Shift4 released custom MICROS 3700, 8700, and 9700 payment drivers. Shift4’s Secure Drivers were assessed by Fortrex Technologies, Inc. and received approval and inclusion on Visa’s list of Validated Payment Applications:

Shift4’s PABP validated 3700, 8700, and 9700 drivers support the complete feature suite of the MICROS system with the addition of integrated gift card, PIN debit, signature capture, customer initiated tip, and dynamic currency conversion capabilities. These simple to install drivers enable legacy POS systems to leverage robust payment tools and functionality that includes full reporting, incremental authorizations, credits, and recurring billing.

Shift4’s drivers use Tokenization technology (released into the public domain by Shift4 in 2005) to protect stored data by replacing real cardholder data in the files and logs of the POS with a random alphanumeric “token.” This means that if a Shift4 driver is installed on an older, non-compliant legacy system, the Shift4 driver makes it secure and brings it into compliance. If the Shift4 driver is installed on a newer, compliant version, the system will be even more secure because all usable card data is removed.

“As a leading merchant advocate we understand the significant resource investment POS software providers and users have to contend with in maintaining compliance. Shift4 is proud to offer our customers a cost-effective, enterprise-wide solution that protects their brand and complies with Visa’s PABP to help Simplify PCI,” said Dave Oder, President and CEO, Shift4 Corporation.