August 7, 2007

Shift4 Offers Merchants Options to Achieve PCI Compliance

Las Vegas (August 7, 2007) ? Merchants facing deadlines to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and protect against credit card data theft have a secure and cost-effective alternative to investing in new point-of-sale and data storage systems. Shift4 Corporation ( offers a payment processing system that integrates with existing systems and is certified to be in compliance with all Card Association regulations and recognized by Visa USA as compliant with PCI DSS.

DOLLARS ON THE NET® (DOLLARS ON THE NET) provides authorizations and settlements for credit, debit, check, private-label and gift card transactions. This system is based on Tokenization technology ? developed and publicly released by Shift4 in 2005 ? that provides a greater level of security by removing all usable personal card data from the entire transaction process, including point-of-sale devices. DOLLARS ON THE NET is certified to be in compliance with all card association regulations, including AVS and CVV2.

“The most important step any merchant can take is to remove useable credit card data from their system,” said J.D. Oder, Shift4 Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “When there is no useful data in the system, there is nothing for hackers to access or steal. Further, if no data is stored on site, the merchant has a significantly reduced PCI compliance burden,” Oder added.

Deadlines for compliance and reporting progress toward compliance vary with the number of transactions a merchant makes in a year. But according to Shift4 Vice President of Sales John Mann, deadline pressure and unfamiliarity with what it takes to be compliant can lead merchants into costly and unnecessary upgrades. “In as little as a few days we can have a merchant up and running securely with a PCI compliant solution without changing their current system. This gives merchants control over when and why they choose to upgrade their systems and removes the urgency to upgrade for PCI compliance. The cost of adding Shift4?s DOLLARS ON THE NET is a fraction of the cost of replacing a legacy system.”

Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET provides merchants with many other features, including a searchable 24 month archive of transactions for charge back defense, the ability to audit batches before they are submitted to actually reduce the discount rate paid, assured delivery technology, and tools to stop employee fraud.