May 31, 2012

Shift4 Obtains EMV Certification from Global Payments Canada

LAS VEGAS (Marketwire) Thursday, May 31, 2012 — Shift4 Corporation, the world’s largest independent payment gateway, is pleased to announce the completion of the EMV certification process to Global Payments Canada.

“We started this process nearly 15 months ago,” said Shift4 COO Kathy Oder. “It’s been a long road, with a lot of red tape and bureaucracy to navigate but we’re happy to do it because of the benefits it will offer our merchant customers and vendor partners.”

Canadian merchants whose point-of-sale systems were certified with Shift4 after June 2009 are now able to process EMV transactions just by adding a supported EMV device. No additional effort on their part will be required for them to achieve EMV certification. Those whose systems were certified prior to June 2009 will need to have just a few minor modifications made to their code in order to be EMV-compliant. But, merchants aren’t the only ones who will benefit from Shift4’s efforts.

“Because of Shift4’s unique Universal Transaction Gateway® technology, we are in the position to offer POS developers who support debit through DOLLARS ON THE NET® a virtually codeless EMV interface that only requires a mini-cert to meet the stringent EMV-certification requirements of the card brands,” said Shift4 CTO J.D. Oder. “A week-long certification and POS developers can have applications that support EMV. A week, instead of 15 months – and no red tape!”

Shift4’s certification to Global Payments Canada currently covers chip-and-PIN transaction processing on the Ingenico iPP320 device; additional devices may be added in the future. The interface is available to all merchant types, supports all major card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Interac, and JCB), and has received approval from the respective card associations.

While EMV is not yet in play in the United States, U.S. merchants along the Canadian border who process a significant number of transactions using Canadian EMV cards can work with Shift4 to split process those EMV-based transactions through Global Payments Canada, while keeping the rest of their transaction volume with their current processor.

“The great thing for merchants is, now that EMV is an integral part of Shift4’s solution, we’ll handle all the heavy lifting when it comes time to add U.S. EMV in the coming years,” said Shift4’s CEO Dave Oder. “As soon as there are processors ready to take on EMV in the U.S., Shift4 will be ready to help our merchant customers transition to accepting this new type of card.”

“We keep our merchants up to date, whether that means adding new devices, new POS/PMS integrations, or entirely new technologies,” Oder continued. “If a merchant is certified for EMV, they’re also able to take advantage of TrueTokenization®, Google Wallet, and all of our other services. And, when something new comes along, we’ll make sure they’re ready for that, too.”

POS vendors who interface to Shift4 can likewise rest assured that their solutions will be kept up to date. Whenever Shift4 adds support for new terminals or processors, that support is instantly extended to all of their POS/PMS interfaces with no required code changes.

Shift4 merchant customers who are interested in adding Canadian EMV capabilities should contact Shift4 Account Maintenance at


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