April 12, 2005

Shift4 First to Offer Customer Initiated Tip Entry and AVS Fraud Features for MICROS 3700

Las Vegas, NV, April 12, 2005 – Shift4 Corporation, developers of DOLLARS ON THE NET®, the leading web-based payment gateway solution with real-time electronic payment authorization, settlement, reporting and fraud control capabilities, has developed a customized driver for MICROS 3700 that enables DOLLARS ON THE NET users to enjoy advanced features not available with any other payment driver for the 3700 application. These features include customer initiated tip, online debit with PIN entry, signature capture, and full CVV2/CVC/CID support and AVS for non-swiped credit card transactions. All these features are currently being beta tested by Shari’s Restaurants, a chain of 100 counter pay restaurants based in the Pacific Northwest.

“We had three goals in writing the MICROS drivers ourselves: First, to make sure merchants can take advantage of all the fraud control features and receive the best discount rates possible under the latest regulations dictated by the card associations; Second, to minimize the dependence on SIM (MICROS scripting language) in our drivers; and Third, to showcase all the features of our DOLLARS ON THE NET gateway product” said Steve Sommers, Vice President Applications Development, Shift4 Corporation. “We have achieved all three of these goals, which creates a win-win-win situation for the merchants, MICROS and Shift4.”

Customer Initiated Tips
Shift4’s enhanced interface to MICROS 3700 enables customer initiated tip entry. The customer or clerk swipes the credit, debit or gift card into a PIN pad device and is then prompted to enter the desired tip amount. The customer enters the tip before the transaction is sent out for authorization. By allowing for a tip to be entered on a customer facing terminal device, the awkwardness of handing the customer a draft and waiting for a tip and signature is reduced, as the transaction flow is similar to what you would experience in a grocery store. Another advantage is an elimination of downgrades due to customers tipping in excess of the 20% restaurant industry tolerance.

AVS & CVV2 Support
Shift4’s customized driver for MICROS 3700 is the first one to fully support Address Verification System (AVS) and CVV2 functionality. AVS sends out the cardholder’s address information for verification. The CVV2 code (or CVC2 in the case of MasterCard and CID code in the case of American Express) is the three or four digit number located on the physical card itself that is not part of the actual account number, but that is used to verify the validity of the card.

Both AVS and CVV2 provide merchants with an extra level of fraud protection in cases where the merchant is unable to collect full data from the card swipe because of a problem with the card reader, magnetization of the card, etc. Both these tools also enable merchants to avoid the costly downgrades or non-qualification fees charged by processors for transactions for which they do not receive full swipe data.

Additional Features
In addition to the above tools, merchants utilizing MICROS 3700 and DOLLARS ON THE NET will enjoy the industry’s fastest average authorization times (sub 3-second) regardless of the processor utilized. Support of all card types, Visa, MasterCard, Diners, Carte Blanch, Nova/Discover, American Express and gift cards, is available, as is complete connectivity to the industry’s leading signature capture and PIN pad devices.

With the enhanced interface, DOLLARS ON THE NET is fully integrated with MICROS at the point of sale. Merchants can customize their MICROS screens to enable one touch access to the full range of functionality above. Merchants can even accept, issue, add value to, sell and report on gift card balances right from their MICROS screen, without any additional terminals or hardware required. These features are also available to MICROS 8700 and 9700 users.

“Over the last two years, restaurants have come to represent an increasingly large portion of our customer base. By working with these merchants and our partners within the industry, we have really come to understand the unique payment issues they face and have worked to create custom features specifically designed to meet their needs. With the large number of merchants utilizing MICROS, this system was an obvious place to start,” stated J. David Oder, President & CEO, Shift4 Corporation.

About Shift4 Corporation

Shift4, a leading developer of financial transaction processing software and services, provides web-based, real-time enterprise payment solutions for leaders in the hospitality, retail, foodservices and e-commerce markets. Through connectivity to most major processors, DOLLARS ON THE NET provides both high speed and low cost authorizations and settlements for credit, debit, check, private label and gift card transactions. DOLLARS ON THE NET also includes the ability to access, review and edit transactions prior to settlement, as well as a searchable, 24-month archive of transactions for reporting and charge back defense. For more information contact Shift4 at (702) 597-2480 or visit Shift4 online at www.shift4.com.