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Shift4 removes the card data from your environment and takes the target off your back.

Every day data breaches are making the headlines. Data thieves are finding ways to breach merchants’ card data environments with increasing effectiveness and the short- and long-term effects are often more devastating than many merchants realize.

A data breach can cost you more than just the financial burden (which can be tens of thousands of dollars or more) of the imposed fees and fines by the card associations and your merchant bank. A breach can cost you the trust of your customers. There’s no quick fix and you can’t just buy back their confidence after a breach. You must protect your business before you’re the next target.

Shift4's payment gateway DOLLARS ON THE NET® delivers the security technologies merchants need today to protect themselves from being the next target of data thieves. Our solution includes TrueTokenization® and point-to-point encryption (P2PE) so your system isn’t transmitting, processing, or storing sensitive cardholder data.

Our P2PE solution encrypts the payment data at the swipe device so sensitive payment data never enters your POS. (Read about purchasing P2PE-enabled devices here.) That encrypted data is sent to Shift4’s secure data centers and we return to you a representation of that card’s information, called a TrueToken®, to use for subsequent transaction needs. Shift4 hosts the actual cardholder data for you – drastically shrinking your breach profile and reducing your PCI scope. This also means that even if your system is hacked, the fraudsters can’t get to the payment data – They Can’t Steal What You Don’t Have.®

Contact Shift4 today to protect your business from being the next target of a costly data breach. Just call 800.265.5795 or email

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