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Retail’s BIG Show was fantastic this year. We enjoyed answering your questions, giving demos, and showing all of the features and benefits that our DOLLARS ON THE NET payment gateway can bring to our merchants and partners. Which category best describes you?


Payments Problems? Solved.

Shift4 has a long and proven history of solving the payments industry’s biggest problems, often before others in the space even discover the problem exists. Shift4 also offers a full suite of unique features and technologies that help make managing any retail store simpler while reducing costs. Contact us at to learn more.

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Struggling to get EMV?
No problem. Our EMV solution is certified with more device and processor pairings than anyone else in the industry.

Stuck with limited payment acceptance types?
No problem. Our connections and solutions run the gamut to support the growth of your business. We support all of the major processors; credit, debit, gift card and private-label credit programs; check verification services; and emerging and alternative payment methods like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, blockchain and more.

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Trapped in a financial relationship you don’t like?
No problem. We’re completely bank and processor neutral, giving you the freedom to choose the financial relationships that best suit your needs – perfect for franchisors.

Need to strengthen your payment security?
No problem. We provide unrivaled payment security solutions, like tokenization and point-to-point encryption.

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Can’t find a mobile payment solution that has everything you need?
No problem. Our mobile point-of-sale solution, VT4, scales to meet the needs of any business, large or small.
Feeling left behind while everyone else gets the new tech toys in payments?
No problem. Shift4 supports the latest technologies and features, like quick chip EMV, and makes adoption simple for the retailers we serve.
Need a truly unified software platform for your payments?
No problem. Shift4 can meet retailers’ rigorous needs, whether they’re expanding their business across a variety of touchpoints (in-store, online, and mobile) with various point-of-sale solutions, or looking for a unified platform.


Payments Problems? Solved.

Shift4 works with the retail industry’s top independent software vendors (ISVs), service providers (VARs), and hardware providers to bring merchants innovative and comprehensive payment processing solutions. You just need to write and maintain one integration to Shift4, and we do all the rest to ensure that merchants receive the best possible solution with the latest in payment technology and security. Plus, you get a true payments partner who’s invested in growing your business and supporting your retailers. Contact to get started.

Thanks to our valued partners for their mutual support at Retail’s BIG Show 2017:



Payments Problems? Solved.

Shift4 has 20+ years of experience as a pioneer in payments innovation. Our influence on the world of payments can be felt throughout every corner of the industry in one way or another. As members of the media, you’ve been covering our solutions for years, probably without realizing they were ours. Learn more about the company who has been the power behind those solutions.

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