January 31, 2011

MICROS Customer upgrades to a PCI-PABP certified compliant driver

Las Vegas, Nevada (April 9, 2007) ? A popular Irish pub is taking advantage of an offer by Shift4 Corporation to upgrade MICROS customers with a certified point-of-sale (POS) system driver at no charge through April 30, 2007. The offer enables Kilkenny’s Irish Pub in Tulsa, Okla., to save money and ensure PCI/PABP compliance.

Compared with purchasing a complete POS system upgrade and related hardware, the solution from Shift4 is a fraction of the cost. “We found ourselves faced with two possibilities. We could use our local MICROS distributor and pay $14,000 to become credit card compliant or we could go with Shift4, pay a fraction of the cost,” said publican Brett Rehorn. “Furthermore, we will continue to be secure and compliant even when the regulatory laws change down the road. It was not a hard decision to make.”

The driver requires the use of DOLLARS ON THE NET®, the industry’s most reliable and secure gateway with tokenization technology. For new Shift4 customers there is a nominal one-time set up, installation and training fee.

The Shift4 Secure Driver is the ONLY driver that can claim no cardholder information is ever stored in the POS application, database or server. It gives food and beverage and hospitality clients a cost-effective alternative to a complete POS system upgrade and the purchase of related hardware. This unique driver uses Tokenization technology (invented by Shift4), which replaces the credit card number with a randomly generated unique ID. In the event of loss or a breach, Tokens are of no commercial value. As a result, any such breach may not need to be reported, as no loss of cardholder data would occur.

Tokenization hides cardholder data from the POS application and works on top of any existing security built into the application. This means that if the Shift4 driver is installed on an older non-compliant (legacy) system, the driver makes it secure and brings it into compliance. If the driver is installed on a newer compliant version, the driver will make the solution even more secure by removing cardholder data.

Free secure drivers are available for the following systems:

  • 8700 version 2.11?2.7
  • RES 3000 4.0, 4.1
  • 3700 version 3.1 and higher
  • 9700 2.11?2.80*, 3.0 and higher
    * Currently undergoing PABP validation   certification.