March 7, 2000

Introducing NExT·HUB Technology

Las Vegas, March 7, 2000 — Shift4 will unveil their latest payment technology solution, NExT·HUB, at this year’s Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) conference in Las Vegas. The ETA conference is the merchant acquiring industry’s premier technology event, providing a perfect venue for attendees to get a first hand look at this new technology. Shift4 representatives will be demonstrating NExT·HUB in exposition booth #224.

NExT-HUB is part of Shift4’s new NetEnterprise ASP Server and combines the terminal hub capabilities of Shift4’s popular $$$ IN THE BANK™ payment processing platform with the new Internet browser-based application service of NetAudit™. When implemented by merchant service organizations or large end-user merchants NExT·HUB allows efficient deployment and maintenance of dispersed electronic payment transaction terminals. Full transaction batch reporting, auditing, settling, archiving and charge back retrieval is carried out via NExT·HUB’s web-based audit application called NetAudit. NetAudit delivers all the accounting functionality of $$$ IN THE BANK’s PC-based Audit station, without requiring additional software or hardware to be loaded or configured. NetAudit runs completely via a standard web browser (i.e. Netscape Navigator® or Microsoft Internet Explorer®).

NExT·HUB will be marketed primarily through Shift4’s rapidly expanding reseller channel, which consists of Merchant Service Providers (MSP), Transaction Processing Companies and Independent Sales Organizations (ISO).

By implementing the NExT·HUB Server, merchant service providers benefit by:

  • Generating a recurring revenue stream from NetAudit ASP service fees
  • Eliminating expenses involved with traditional PC-hub software
  • Creating a competitive advantage by being ahead of the technology curve
  • Increasing efficiency of terminal deployment and support

A merchant service organization hosting their own NExT·HUB Server is equipped to deliver advanced credit card and electronic payment management capabilities to their entire merchant community. Recurring fees for this application service can dramatically improve the profitability of a their merchant portfolio.” states Mark Mason, Shift4 VP of Sales and Marketing.

“Our NetEnterprise/ NExT·HUB ASP Server is truly an industry first. Our development team has been, and continues to be, what makes Shift4 a leader in the electronic payment technology business. We’re excited about working with forward thinking merchant service providers who share our vision and appreciate the usefulness of ASP technology within the transaction processing industry.” notes J. David Oder, President/CEO of Shift4.