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Shift4 vs Direct Processing

Don't Get Tied Down

The Shift4 Difference





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Don't Get Tied Down

Why add a gateway into your payment process? Because a truly neutral payment gateway – like Shift4 – saves you from being tied down by your processor.

Processors want you to connect directly to their systems because that ties you to them. They may offer you their own gateway services for “free” or may even tell you that they offer the same benefits as a gateway, when in fact they absolutely do not. Shift4's job as a gateway is to help minimize downgrades, protect cardholder data (CHD), and optimize payment processing. Processors don't make this a priority because they make money from fines and downgrades whenever you make a “mistake.” If they succeed when you fail, how can they really be looking out for you?


The Shift4 Difference

The following are some of the problems that merchants who use direct processing experience and how Shift4 solves them.

Inaccurate Batch Settlements
These lead to downgrades, chargebacks, fees, and higher interchange rates due to not qualifying for your negotiated rate.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  Avoid downgrades and fees by validating your transaction amounts so that errors can be detected and corrected before processing. Aging Reports notify customers when a batch has not been submitted on time. This helps prevent late batch submission, which can result in transaction downgrades and higher fees applied by the processor.
No Auditing Capability
Going direct to processor means you don't get pre- and post-settlement batch auditing capability out of the box; it's a feature you must pay for. What's more, payment transaction batches that aren't audited can cost you a great deal of money in fines and chargebacks.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  With us, you get full auditing capability at no additional cost. This allows you to make adjustments, acquire additional authorizations, void a transaction before settlement (which means you are not paying credit card fees on a transaction for which you received no funds), and identify which credits have been issued. There is also no need to rekey transactions nor are there added fees. You enjoy accurate batch processing, shorter month-end reconciliation, lower discount rates, and drastic reductions in credits, chargebacks, and downgrades.
Limited Data Archival and Web-Based Reporting
Going direct to processor, you are given a very limited window/archive for data retrieval. On top of this, every time you access your own transaction data, you are assessed a fee or forced to use a reporting system with limited capabilities that may include an added cost.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  We give you real-time, customized reporting from an easily searchable, rolling two-year archive of all transaction data. You can easily search, filter, and create reports on any data within the system for a specific region, location, or merchant ID. Quickly retrieve transaction data, which includes a full audit trail of every transaction, to easily resolve customer service inquires without the hefty look-up fee. A copy of the folio/invoice is even stored in the transaction record within DOLLARS ON THE NET, which enables centralization of all point-of-sale (POS), property-management-system (PMS), and e-commerce information for generating necessary information for chargeback defense.
No Direct Processing to AMEX
Processing American Express (AMEX) cards requires a third-party connection and infrastructure. This can be a huge expense.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  Shift4 offers, at no additional cost to you, direct, high-speed connection to American Express for both authorizations and settlements. We don't pass on third-party processing fees – this can save you upwards of $.30 per AMEX transaction. We also help expedite your funding.
Interchange Fees
Going direct to processor means that you are subject to big interchange fees. They may quote you a great discount rate but you'll soon find that the small downgrade fees (that come from your not processing according to their ever-changing rules) add up.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  Using our solution gives you the tools you need to decrease bank fees, minimize downgrades, reduce chargebacks, and avoid unnecessary authorization fees for inaccurate transactions.
Miscellaneous Fees
Processor fees are resold or bundled with third-party systems and become added costs of doing business. Vendor fees may apply when you undergo a processor change, since the processor needs to coordinate with the POS/PMS vendor in order to change the actual merchant ID within the application.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  We eliminate costly processor change fees and resources utilized when performing a processor change. We also impose no statement fees, insurance fees, surcharge fees, chargeback fees, PCI non-compliance fees, data security solution fees, data storage fees, nor customer support “incident” or ticket fees.

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