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Most large companies and franchisees in the retail, hospitality, and food and beverage industry have subscribed to the idea that if they licensed software and installed hardware at a central location with connectivity to their bank's chosen processor(s), they would enjoy significant financial and control benefits and truly achieve an economy of scale.

As time went on, the need for redundant, high availability processing became a must. Redundant software licenses and the hardware to run that software has become the norm. With the changing landscape of telecommunications, the need for redundant connectivity to processors and from a branch to the centralized credit/debit card “switch” has also become a must.


The Shift4 Advantage

The following are some of the problems that switch users experience and how Shift4 solves them.

Hardware Required
Using a switch requires a lot of hardware. The costs of maintaining that infrastructure can be very high.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  Shift4 hosts the gateway application and stores all cardholder data (CHD) off site in Shift4's PCI-compliant data centers. This significantly reduces both infrastructure and security requirements at merchant locations. In addition, setup times for new revenue centers are minimal.
Communications Costs
Hosting your own switch requires you to pay for your connections to banks, processors, etc. Each of these has its own pricing structures and fees, which add up in a hurry.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  Shift4 provides you multiple redundant connections to processors and banks at no cost. Communications costs are not passed to you and there are no bundled rates, buried monthly support and maintenance fees, nor other communications charges.
Labor Costs
Merchants who use a switch have to maintain the operating expenses of hardware, updates, and a full IT staff to manage it – not to mention additional labor may be necessary for network administration and information security.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  Merchants who utilize Shift4's DOLLARS ON THE NET Software as a Service (SaaS) application do not incur those labor costs. Using DOLLARS ON THE NET eliminates the IT, security, and operational costs associated with maintaining and managing a switch, such as custom development and dedicated staff. It also does away with the need for resources to manage platforms, dial-up terminals, or disparate point-of-sale (POS), property-management-system (PMS) setups. Shift4 monitors its data centers, applications, and merchant data 24/7/365 at no additional cost to you. We simplify the complexities of multiple systems and streamline operations with a single solution.
Regulation Changes
When card associations require changes to the information that must be included to make merchants' transactions compliant (e.g., American Express CAP-N, the Visa product codes, MasterCard's Partial Authorization, etc.), many switch manufacturers charge an upgrade fee to get these changes.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  The Shift4 solution provides seamless upgrades to address card association regulations without any fees. This is an enormous benefit.
No Auditing Capability
Switches do not come with pre- and post-settlement batch auditing capability out of the box. It's a feature you must pay for. What's more, payment-transaction batches that aren't audited can cost you a great deal of money in fines and chargebacks.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  With us, you get full pre- and post-settlement batch auditing capability at no additional cost. This allows you to make adjustments, acquire additional authorizations, void a transaction before settlement (which means you are not paying credit card fees on a transaction for which you received no funds), and identify which credits have been issued. There is also no need to rekey transactions nor are there added fees. You enjoy accurate batch processing, shorter month-end reconciliation, lower discount rates, and drastic reductions in credits, chargebacks, and downgrades.
Limited Reporting
Switches only allow for a short-term data-retention period. On top of this, every time you access your own transaction data, you are assessed a fee or are forced to use a reporting system with limited capabilities that may include an added cost.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  We give you real-time, customized reporting from an easily searchable, rolling, two-year archive of all your transaction data. You can easily search, filter, and create reports on any data within your system for a specific region, location, or merchant ID. You can quickly retrieve transaction data from across your enterprise with a full audit trail of every transaction to easily resolve customer service inquires or chargebacks without the hefty processor fee. A copy of the folio/invoice is even stored in the transaction record within DOLLARS ON THE NET, which allows for centralization of all POS/PMS/e-Commerce information for generating necessary information for chargeback defense.
No Direct Processing to AMEX
Processing American Express (AMEX) cards requires a third-party connection and infrastructure. This can be a huge expense.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  Shift4 offers, at no additional cost to you, a direct, high-speed connection to American Express for both authorizations and settlements. We don't pass on third-party processing fees, which can save you upwards of $.30 per AMEX transaction. Also, we help expedite your funding.
Switch Fees
Maintaining a switch entails additional maintenance, license, and service fees.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  We help you decrease bank fees, minimize downgrades, reduce chargebacks and bill-backs, simplify return (credit) transactions, and avoid unnecessary authorization fees for inaccurate transactions. You keep more of your revenue and ensure the best transaction rates and results.
Cost of Solution
Installing and running a switch is an enormous up-front expense. And, once installed, there are front- and back-end ongoing costs to address.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  With Shift4, no hardware is required. We give you easy upgrading, deployment, and administration with no recurring, non-compliance, or validation fees. Support for alternative payments (e.g., EMV, mobile, contactless, etc.) and dozens of devices is included at no additional cost. Using our solution, you have no need for custom development or certification to multiple interfaces, processors, or third-party providers.
Miscellaneous Fees
Many switch fees are resold or bundled with third-party systems and become added costs of doing business. Also, switch fees may apply when you undergo a processor change, since the switch needs to coordinate with the POS/PMS vendor for changing the actual merchant ID within the application.
Shift4 The Shift4 Advantage
  We eliminate costly processor change fees and resources utilized when performing a processor change. We also impose no statement fees, chargeback fees, non-compliance fees, data security solution fees, data storage fees, nor customer support “incident” or ticket fees.

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