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Download: EMV Road Map

This simple guideline shows you how we’re getting merchants and independent software vendors (ISVs) ready for EMV. Check it out.
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Download: The Home Stretch to EMV

The U.S. EMV liability shift was October 1, 2015 – but most merchants still aren’t accepting EMV transactions. Are you on the road to EMV acceptance? Check out the steps merchants, ISVs, banks, and processors need to follow on the home stretch to EMV.
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Everything You Need to Know About EMV

Fast Track to EMV AcceptanceShift4 offers EMV integrations with more than 70 POS/PMS partners. See the list
EMV AnnouncementsWe’re regularly announcing news about our EMV solution. Get the latest.
What EMV Is & What It Isn’tAccepting EMV has a few benefits, but it isn’t a silver bullet for security. Learn more
Select the Right EMV DeviceIf you’re looking for EMV payment terminals, you’ve come to the right place. Check ‘em out
EMV Q&AWe’ve answered our merchant customers’ most commonly asked questions about EMV.
Read more
Push Back on EMVYour merchant bank might think they know best about EMV. Here’s what to tell them.
Learn more

What You Need to Do

  1. Don’t panic. Shift4 has been processing EMV in Canada for years, and we’re ready to support your transition to U.S. EMV.
  2. Work with Shift4’s Customer Support department and your POS or PMS provider, to choose the right EMV payment terminal. Our Customer Support team is available 24/7/365 at 702.597.2480 (option 2) or and will provide contact information for Shift4’s approved payment device manufacturers or resellers.
  3. Make sure you buy payment devices that can support point-to-point-encryption (P2PE) and that have Shift4’s encryption keys already injected.
  1. Tell your POS or PMS provider to check in with us at to make sure they are certified with us for EMV.
  2. Request that your bank or merchant services provider put pressure on their chosen processor to support Shift4’s efforts to certify on that processor’s host. This may help your processor understand that getting ready for EMV is important to you, and may help to speed up the most time-consuming part of the EMV process: the processor’s test and certification scripts.

Learn more about how Shift4 makes EMV simple.

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What You Need to Do

  1. Contact us at to certify with us for EMV.
  2. Do a little bit of coding. If you use our Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®) controlled device support and can accept PIN debit and/or gift cards with us, then you have already done most of the work. In fact, getting EMV capable with Shift4 is as easy as updating the coding for the receipt text block to ensure the correct text goes to the merchant and customer. Most ISVs are finding that the extra coding takes only days, not weeks.
You’ll be EMV certified with EVERY processor we work with in just one certification with Shift4. Yeah, it’s that easy.

Learn more about how Shift4 makes EMV simple.

A Closer Look at the U.S. EMV Migration

EMV Is a Journey, Not a Destination Reduce the number of bumps you may experience along the road to EMV
Ready for Faster EMV Transactions? Speed up your EMV transactions with Quick Chip and “insert ahead.”
Chargebacks: Fraud or Fiction? Combat “friendly fraud” using these 4 simple tips.
EMV – 6 Months Later The U.S. EMV migration has been plagued with numerous problems.
Silver Bullet or Red Herring? EMV doesn’t protect your environment from breaches, but this technology does.
Take the Time to Do EMV Right (Part 1) Why merchants should move to EMV in a strategic fashion – not out of fear or pressure.
Take the Time to Do EMV Right (Part 2) A follow-up article about how merchants can implement EMV strategically – not out of fear or pressure.

Save Time. Save Money. Partner With Shift4 for EMV.

Become a Shift4 development partner today to get ready for EMV while saving both time and money. Since Shift4 is bank and processor neutral, you'll get EMV access to every U.S. processor when you interface to us. This is far less expensive and uses a fraction of the time it would take to interface to a single processor or create a number of direct EMV interfaces. Even if you’ve already started a single or several EMV integrations, you will see significant savings by working with us today. request information

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