November 9, 2001

InfoGenesis signs Shift4 Reseller Agreement

Las Vegas, NV, November 9, 2001 — InfoGenesis, the leading provider of point-of-sale solutions to the hospitality and foodservice industry has signed a reseller agreement with Shift4 Corporation, the technology leader of enterprise e-payment solutions. The new partnership makes InfoGenesis a certified Shift4 reseller, allowing them to provide robust and scalable credit card processing solutions for the Windows NT™ based POS system by InfoGenesis and e-Revelation, their new ASP based POS system.

Shift4’s reseller agreement allows InfoGenesis to provide customers with centralized credit card processing for multiple sites across the country using a WAN or Internet connectivity. InfoGenesis can now incorporate the most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use e-payment solutions with industry-specific features to meet the needs of any customer.

“We are pleased with our new partnership with Shift4,” stated Karl Willig, President and CEO of InfoGenesis. “It allows us to extend credit processing capabilities to our ASP customers via a VPN over the Internet, giving our customers very rapid credit authorizations. A credit authorization that used to take 15-75 seconds now takes only 3-7 seconds, saving our customers time and money.”

“Shift4 and InfoGenesis both stand strongly behind their conventional software products while moving to the power of the Application Service (ASP) model with InfoGenesis’ e-Revelation and Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET®. Shift4 can provide powerful enterprise wide credit/debit/private label payment solutions, which generally returns more than it costs. Our VirtualLeasedLine™ gives leased line authorizations and settlement speed while saving traditional software customers money over a dial-up or terminal solution. DOLLARS ON THE NET combines the same high-speed low cost authorization and settlement with the ability to audit, report and retrieve payment transactions from anywhere on the planet,” states J. David Oder, CEO of Shift4 Corporation. “I believe, the powerful combination of e-Revelation and DOLLARS ON THE NET is one the marketplace is going to find hard to resist.”

About InfoGenesis

InfoGenesis develops and markets point-of-sale solutions for hospitality and foodservice. Revelation, a hospitality point-of-sale application designed and marketed by InfoGenesis for table service restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise ships and food service, is the winner of multiple industry awards. Recent recognition includes the Microsoft Retail Application Design (RAD) Award for 2000; the l999 “Best New Product – Technology” award at the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show; and inclusion in the “Top Twenty Most Innovative Products” by the American Lodging & Leisure Summit for 1999 and 2000. InfoGenesis was also named to Deloitte and Touche’s prestigious “Los Angeles Technology Fast 50” program, a ranking of the fastest growing technology companies in Southern California. InfoGenesis can be reached at or by e-mail.