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The Hotelier's Choice

A Merchant Environment Like No Other



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The Hotelier's Choice

Shift4 got our start in the Hospitality industry. From our earliest days, we have been the choice of marquee hotel brands from Montreal to Miami and beyond. Why was our growth in the Hospitality arena so rapid? We understand the problems that hoteliers face every day and we have tools to help them address these issues.


The Situation

A Merchant Environment Like No Other

The Hospitality environment holds unique challenges for merchants to overcome if they wish to be successful. Achieving and maintaining compliance with the moving bull's-eye of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) is one of the biggest. Hotels typically have a complex card data environment (CDE), in which sensitive data exists for a prolonged time. It is critical that the chosen payment solution protects guests' sensitive card information by reducing the size of the CDE. Short check-in lines, easy and accurate accounting, eliminating "trusted-employee" fraud, properly submitting batches to the processor in order to avoid downgrades, and proper card-on-file management must also be addressed.

the solution
the solution

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