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The Best of Both Worlds

A Thousand Bits of Data


PCI Compliance

Fraud Protection

Online, Versatile, and Simplified

Gift Card Management

e-Commerce-Specific Advantages

Features and Benefits of DOLLARS ON THE NET

e-Commerce Integrations (Supporting TrueTokenization)

Other e-Commerce Integrations

The Best of Both Worlds

Reliability and security – two words every e-commerce operation lives by. They also describe Shift4's e-Commerce solution. Whether you're a "click-and-mortar" merchant supporting online (Web site) and/or onsite (kiosk, Software as a Service) transactions, we understand the issues that you face every day. We give you tools to simplify the payment process so that you can focus on your customers.


The Situation

A Thousand Bits of Data

The savvy e-Commerce merchant knows that nothing is as important to their success as smartly managing data. Whether it's protecting a customer's cardholder data, managing a gift card program, or anything in between, e-Commerce professionals must continually juggle a near-constant stream of information. Keeping costs low, enhancing the customer's shopping experience, and complying with the ever-changing PCI regulations are all tasks that e-Commerce merchants must balance on top of their day-to-day business operations.

the solution
the solution

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