ID TECH SDK Resources

IDTech Files:

ViVO Config
• ViVO Config v3.11 – Config tool for IDtech Devices

• Universal SDK – Utility to interface with IDtech devices

Master Configurations – (Use with VivoConfig)
• VP3300 QCKB Mode – VP3300 Quick Chip Keyboard mode config
• VP3300 HID Mode – VP3300 HID Mode config
• MiniSmart II/SecureHead Combo
• Augusta QCKB Mode – Augusta QuickChip Keyboard mode
• Augusta HID Mode

IDTech Firmware (Use with UDemo)
• VP3300
• Augusta S
• Augusta


• Loading a JSON Configuration File to an ID TECH Device Using ViVOconfig
• IDTech Matrix
• IDTech Devices ISV/VAR
• KSI Usage Report
• IDTech Orientation