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The Backbone Of The Operation






An Unrivaled Payment Technology

The Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®) is what sets Shift4's payment gateway apart from any competition. The UTG is a patented, PA-DSS validated payment application that provides the highest levels of speed, security, and reliability when processing transactions. The UTG works with our full suite of payment technologies to create a seamless and secure payment processing solution in any merchant environment. And, with its unique ability to control the payment device, the UTG solves processing problems that our competition hasn’t even thought of yet.

The Benefits of UTG’s Device Control

The UTG can be installed on any PCI-compliant computer within an organization’s trusted network. Once installed, the UTG becomes the engine that powers the organization’s payment system, delivering unmatched functionality through the UTG’s device control.

  • Seamless Connectivity – Every terminal in a merchant’s network has a direct connection to Shift4 via the UTG. Because the UTG is a software application that is installed and resides within the merchant’s payment ecosystem, from the moment a card is swiped, keyed, dipped, or tapped, the UTG is in control of the transaction.
  • Streamlined Updates – The UTG’s device control gives merchants the ability to push updates to every connected terminal, saving time and allowing for a sense of uniformity. These updates may include changes to the merchant’s business requirements, payment terminal forms, custom screens, branding, and more.
  • Simplified EMV Adoption and Processing – Because of the complexities of EMV (chip-and-pin), including the management of payment terminals and processing requirements, another significant benefit of the UTG’s device control is its ability to simplify the EMV migration for point of sale (POS) and property management system (PMS) software vendors. Since the UTG is the payment system of record in the EMV certification process, it allows the POS/PMS vendor a comprehensive integration to give their merchant customers options when processing payments as well as choice of payment terminals – an industry must. This use of the UTG saves significant time and money when compared with more complex methods, and may even make an impossible job possible.

Continue to the Advantages section to learn more about the features and benefits of using this powerful solution.


The Power of the UTG®

Shift4's UTG® delivers powerful features and benefits that are unique within the payment processing industry, including:

  • Speed – Because consumer satisfaction and the removal of long lines are of paramount importance to merchants, speed is a key factor when it comes to payment processing. The UTG, in concert with Lighthouse Transaction Manager, allows for the fastest payment communication in the industry. One way this is accomplished is that the UTG utilizes our proprietary, PCI DSS compliant, strong data encryption methodology called Derived Unique Key Per Transaction with Moving Target Encryption (DUKPT w/MTE). DUKPT w/MTE delivers the fastest and most secure payment processing in the industry, frequently resulting in transaction times much faster than our published average of sub-3 seconds.
  • Security – Security is an essential component of everything that Shift4 Payments does. With DUKPT w/MTE, the encryption algorithm is changed repeatedly during each leg of the transaction process. This makes the UTG’s encrypted card data much more difficult to decipher than what is commonly used by competing gateways. Merchants that also employ our full suite of secure payment solutions, including True P2PE™ (point-to-point encryption) and TrueTokenization®, ensure that sensitive cardholder data is never stored, processed, or transmitted within their payment environment, reducing the risk of a data breach while maintaining PCI compliance. Read more about why DUKPT w/MTE is better than SSL in the next section.
  • Assured Delivery – A material portion of payment processing costs that merchants can incur stem from lost and duplicate transactions. Because of the nature of the Internet’s TCP/IP communication methods, transmission data loss often occurs. This results in merchants having to try several times to authorize a single transaction, which may cause those transactions to be lost or duplicated. The UTG’s Assured Delivery compensates for these transmission issues at the application level by monitoring the status of each transaction and whether or not it has arrived at our data centers for processing. Assured Delivery’s logic spots potential problems and eliminates duplications, preventing added charges and incorrect totals and protecting consumer satisfaction.
  • Offline Transactions – For merchants, losing their Internet connection means frustrated consumers and lost sales. The UTG’s Secure Offline Stand-In® (SOS) allows merchants to continue processing payments even if they lose their connection to the Internet. Merchants set a dollar amount as a threshold for every offline transaction request, and transactions within this threshold continue to flow uninterrupted. The UTG securely encrypts and stores card data, returning false cardholder data or a localized TrueToken® depending on the merchant’s setup, and keeps checking until the Internet connection is re-established. Once connectivity is regained, the encrypted data or TrueTokens are transmitted to the data centers, authorizations are obtained (if required), and the payment process continues as normal. All of this happens automatically within the UTG and provides an uninterrupted payment experience as a connection is re-established. This solution is especially important with U.S. EMV (chip-and-pin) because the U.S. EMV protocol does not support “EMV offline processing.” The UTG will stand in and act as a “fallback” when EMV is in use, allowing the merchant to keep lines moving smoothly to protect the consumer experience and prevent lost sales.
  • Flexibility – The UTG can be used with any combination of supported devices and connection types (Ethernet, USB, WiFi, etc.). Essentially, the UTG gives merchants the flexibility to process credit, U.S. and Canadian PIN debit, EMV, traditional swipe, swipe fallback, hand-keyed, NFC/contactless (e.g., Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™, Softcard™), gift card, private label credit, electronic signature capture, electronic check verification, and offline transactions without requiring additional connections or third-party assistance. The flexibility of the UTG also extends to its installation and deployment options. The UTG technology is so flexible that it can operate centrally “above property” in complex cloud-based environments, centrally “locally,” on each workstation, or any combination thereof. This versatility gives POS/PMS vendors and their merchant customers options when deciding how to implement this powerful solution.
  • Support for Cloud-Based Systems – With the popularity of cloud-based POS/PMS systems on the rise, merchants want to ensure that their systems are secure and do not contain cardholder data. Our UTG4Cloud® provides merchants using cloud-based systems the same security, speed, and reliability as the original UTG. Using UTG4Cloud with a cloud-based POS or PMS only requires a few additional configuration steps to begin processing payments.
  • Adaptive Routing – The UTG balances performance and efficiency to provide the speediest transaction times. The UTG regularly monitors traffic at the Shift4 Payments data centers and routes transactions to the best available servers, which eliminates delays. In addition, our data centers utilize distinct and diverse routes across the Internet and redundant connections to every major processor. The UTG utilizes this connectivity to profile and “score” all the known routes when transmitting data to and from DOLLARS ON THE NET. This functionality ensures that, at any given moment, the UTG is using the fastest and most reliable connectivity option when transmitting CHD.

This combination of technologies sets Shift4 Payments apart from anyone else in the payments industry and ensures the speed, security, and reliability that our merchant customers have come to expect.

Encryption vs SSL

Why Encryption Via the UTG® Is Better Than SSL

The Problems With SSL
Traditionally, payment authorizations are transmitted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a type of encryption that was once commonly used to secure communications between a user’s Web browser and a website. SSL traditionally uses the same encryption algorithm for every transaction, making it a vulnerable form of encryption that hackers exploit to steal payment card information.

The Shift4 Payments Solution
The UTG® uses a proprietary encryption methodology called Derived Unique Key Per Transaction with Moving Target Encryption (DUKPT w/MTE) to deliver the fastest and most secure payment processing in the industry. With DUKPT w/MTE, the encryption algorithm changes repeatedly during each leg of the transaction process, making it far more difficult to decipher and over 200 times more secure than SSL. Merchants using the UTG don't have to worry about managing, securing, or maintaining encryption keys – all sensitive data is securely stored within our PCI compliant data centers.

*Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®), 4Go®, 4Word®, and i4Go® are covered by one or more of the following U.S. Pat. Nos.: 7770789; 7841523; 7891563; 8328095; 8688589; 8690056; 9082120; 9256874; 9495680; 9818111; 9836745



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