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A Gift Card Solution For Every Situation

Take Control of Your Gift Card Program

How is IT'S YOUR CARD Different?

Take Control of Your Gift Card Program

IT’S YOUR CARD (IYC) utilizes the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) paradigm and is a full-featured gift card solution integrated with Lighthouse Transaction Manager. It offers processor neutrality, advanced reporting, high-speed connectivity, and low costs, providing you with ultimate control over how you deploy and utilize your gift card solution. IYC supports both physical and electronic cards. In addition, IYC interfaces to most of today’s leading gift and loyalty card solutions, which allows merchants to continue to accept any gift cards they may have already issued while growing their business with new, IYC-generated cards.

IYC makes selling gift cards, checking balances, and redeeming gift cards convenient for merchants and their customers. Plus, IYC can be used to issue prepaid cards, merchandise return cards, limited-time offers, teen cards, discount cards, employee expense account cards, and more.

IYC is great for online gift card management, allowing merchants to sell, activate, deactivate, and do balance inquiries right on the Web. Even better, merchants can to continue to use their current solution while eliminating the need for stand-beside terminals.

THE DIFFERENCE Flexibility Features Reporting Integrations

The Difference

How is IT'S YOUR CARD® Different?

IYC leverages the core competencies of Shift4 Payments in transaction processing and data security. Features include:

  • Ultimate Flexibility Through Neutrality – Using a processor-based gift card ties you to that processor. With IYC, you can change processors whenever you want. In most cases, we can even convert your existing cards (both issued cards and stock on hand) to IYC cards – at no additional cost.
  • Uncompromised Security – IYC gift cards are processed using our True P2PE® and TrueTokenization® technologies. We treat them just like other card numbers, because they are actually the most likely source of fraud in your business. Fraud Sentry® also detects misuse of gift cards.
  • Full Integration – IYC can be fully integrated into a merchant’s current POS/PMS and no extra terminals or phone lines are required. This allows merchants to easily activate, swipe, charge, report, and process balance inquiries the same way they would with a credit card.
  • Online Gift Card Program – IYC’s SiteBuilder lets you set up a Web page to sell your gift cards and check balances with just a few easy steps. Its white-label design allows you to add your branding for a seamless look.
  • Compliance – IYC together with Lighthouse Transaction Manager’s flexible design allows merchants to meet or exceed the escheatment and expiration rules of all 50 states.
  • Ability to Leverage Existing Solution – Shift4 Payments offers certified interfaces to leading third-party gift card processors, which can be easily integrated at the point of sale. While IYC can be used as a standalone application, it also provides merchants the flexibility to continue using their existing gift card solution.
  • Reliable Reporting – Like all our solutions, IYC offers powerful tracking and reporting tools that allow merchants to view when, how, and by whom their cards are being used. Some processor-based solutions can charge thousands of dollars for the reports you need.
  • Breakage – With some processor-based gift card solutions, the processor holds the money. When the card is used, the processor credits the merchant’s account with the proper amount. So, if a card is never used or a balance remains, that money goes to the processor, not the merchant. With IYC, the merchant receives full funding at the time of the purchase.

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