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Your Account Is Only As Secure As Its Login
With hackers developing more sophisticated attacks to harvest users’ login credentials, taking a strong approach to security will benefit both merchants and consumers. Shift4’s new application, veri4®, is a multifactor authentication tool that helps to secure your accounts and keep the sensitive information within them safe.

Whenever you log in to your Shift4 DOLLARS ON THE NET® and MyPortal accounts (plus any other accounts that support Google Authenticator), veri4 generates a unique six-digit passcode on your iOS device that you can enter along with your username and password. Passcodes change every 30 seconds, so your account access is linked directly to your physical device, providing an additional layer of security and better protecting your accounts from hackers. Now, not only would they have to steal your username and password, they’d also have to physically access your phone to open the veri4 app.
A Better Way to Protect Your Accounts
Multifactor authentication gives you an additional credential to individually secure every log-in attempt. Not only is it a best practice for those with accounts that contain sensitive information, but it’s a newly mandated PCI requirement for all administrators. Check out some of the enhanced security benefits you’ll get with veri4.
Security – You get more advanced security against hackers because veri4 generates a different six-digit passcode for every log-in attempt. The passcodes are randomly generated every 30 seconds and are unique to your device and account.
Flexibility – You can use veri4 to access your Shift4 DOLLARS ON THE NET and MyPortal accounts, as well as any other accounts that use Google Authenticator.
Ease of Use – The veri4 app works with iOS devices and Apple Watch®.
Compliance – Merchants can use veri4 to help them meet PCI DSS v3.2 compliance requirements by enabling multifactor authentication for all administrators.
Shift4’s veri4 is available for download in the App Store®.
Download it today to increase your account security!

For more information about Shift4’s commitment to security, please visit our Security Corner.
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