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Shift4 Style Guide

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Shift4 Branding Standards

The Shift4 Corporate Identity and Branding Standards Manual includes guidelines for trademark, logo, typeface usage, and everything else needed to properly represent Shift4 on your website or in print.

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Shift4 Logos

Our corporate and product logos are provided below in a variety of formats for both web and print usage. These files are the property of Shift4 Corporation. Please do not alter the logo graphics in any way to change color, arrangement of elements, typefaces, etc.

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Shift4 Trademarks

The following words or phrases are registered trademarks of Shift4 Corporation. The first occurrence of these words in a document or on each webpage should carry its corresponding trademark.

  • 4Go®
  • 4Res®
  • 4Sight®
  • 4tify®
  • 4titude®
  • 4tress®
  • 4Word®
  • Fraud Sentry®
  • i4Go®
  • MetaToken
  • One Last Payment Integration®
  • Secure Offline Stand-In®
  • Security Beyond Compliance®
  • Shift4®
  • They Can't Steal What You Don't Have®
  • Tokenization Your Way®
  • TokenShare®
  • TokenStore®
  • TrueToken®
  • TrueTokenization®
  • True P2PE®
  • Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®)
  • UTG4Cloud®
  • VT4®
  • $$$ in the Bank®
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