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Browser Beware

Stop Using Outdated Web Browsers!

Internet Explorer




Google Chrome

Stop Using Outdated Web Browsers!

Shift4 is implementing a rolling phase-out of unknown, and/or outdated Web browsers. We ask that you take the time now to ensure you are using a current version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari.

Older versions of browsers not only make it difficult to access some of our more advanced features, they also lack vital security elements that are built into newer browser versions. Should a breach occur, having an old and potentially insecure browser in the mix may give forensic auditors the excuse they need to declare PCI non-compliance and to place fault on you.

Shift4 has decided to block access to the "" domain if an unsupported browser is detected. Those with unsupported browsers will see a warning message when they attempt to log in to DOLLARS ON THE NET, requiring them to upgrade before accessing our service.

For your convenience, we have included links to the most current versions of several supported browsers. Remember, there are no costs associated with upgrading your browser.

The charts below show the planned phase-out date for accessing DOLLARS ON THE NET in each browser.

Version Lockout Date
6 04/09/2012
7 09/15/2013
8 08/31/2015
9 10/31/2015
10 02/29/2016
Version Lockout Date
4 04/09/2012
7 09/10/2012
38 08/31/2015
Version Lockout Date
9 04/09/2012
14 09/10/2012
22 07/31/2015
31 09/30/2015
43 11/30/2015

Version Lockout Date
12 N/A
Version Lockout Date
8 04/09/2012
9 09/10/2012
10 01/14/2013
28 08/31/2015
Version Lockout Date
3 04/09/2012
4 09/10/2012
5 06/30/2015
6 08/31/2015
7 10/31/2015

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