Who’s Your Hero? Winners’ Stories

Shift4 makes it a point to honor local public safety heroes each year at our Public Safety Appreciation Station (PSAS). This year we’re going a little further, calling out five local heroes who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to save lives and to change lives. Here are their inspiring stories.

Officer Andrew Bauman
Law Enforcement

On October 20, 2010, Officer Andrew Bauman interposed himself between an assailant and their victim, engaging the assailant in a hand-to-hand struggle. The assailant repeatedly struck Bauman with a rock, inflicting severe damage to the officer’s head. Despite these grievous injuries, Bauman contained the attacker until backup officers arrived to help subdue him.

Officer Bauman received a Purple Heart and Meritorious Service award from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department for his actions that day.

Don and Gayle DeCaria
Fire and Rescue

Don and Gayle DeCaria have served in the Logandale Volunteer Fire and Rescue department for many years. Each year, the couple answers more than 500 calls for assistance. With the nearest major medical facilities more than an hour away, the DeCaria’s diligence makes it possible for the people in and around Moapa Valley to have access to vital emergency treatment.

Don’s and Gayle’s tireless service have made them heroes to their community.

Major (Dr.) Jeremy Kilburn
Armed Forces

Maj. (Dr.) Jeremy Kilburn proved himself a true hero in July of 2012 when he saved the life of California Highway Patrol Officer Tony Stanley. Kilburn, a major and critical care pulmonologist in the United States Air Force, was awaiting rescue after having broken his leg during a hike. When the rescue chopper arrived more than 50 yards from where Kilburn waited, he saw Officer Stanley go down after being hit in the head by one of the helicopter’s rotor blades. Disregarding his own serious condition, Dr. Kilburn crawled the 50 yards on his broken leg to perform life-saving procedures on Stanley.

Maj. (Dr.) Kilburn’s selflessness that day saved his rescuer’s life and proved he was a true hero.

Officer Patrick Burke
Law Enforcement

On April 19, 2011, Officer Patrick Burke proved himself a hero by protecting his partner and the citizens of Las Vegas.

While performing a stop of a suspicious vehicle, Officer Burke and his partner suddenly found themselves in a high-speed chase after the driver sped away. Relying on specialized training, the officers forced the car to a stop and Officer Burke exited the car to apprehend the suspect. The suspect opened fire on Burke and his partner. Knowing that the suspect’s actions were putting not only the officers’ lives but the lives of the surrounding citizens in danger, Burke moved to an exposed position and brought down the gunman with lethal force.

Burke’s quick thinking and courageous actions merited him the Medal of Valor from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.