Who is Shift4?

Shift4 Stands Alone Atop the Payment Gateway Space
Shift4, the first card-present payment gateway and the largest independent payment gateway in North America, is a privately held, self-funded company that does not answer to, does not profit from, and is not owned by, any card brand, issuing bank, merchant bank, payment processor, independent sales organization (ISO), or Merchant Services Provider (MSP). This independence means we can tell merchants the truth about the good, the bad, and the ugly in the payment industry without worrying about the financial interests of a parent company that stands to make money from its merchants’ mistakes. We give our merchants the ability to work with any MSP or processor. Shift4 is an advocate for merchants, not MSP or ISOs – both of which, for all intents and purposes, are essentially the same thing.

Most MSPs strive to create an air of mystery around merchant services. They use smoke and mirrors to cover up their shenanigans, with one goal in mind: to tie up merchants with hidden fees and a gradual increase of charges once they are locked into a contract. We think there is a better way.

Technology that Works for the Merchant, Not Against Them
Whereas MSPs and the like are always looking to further muddy the waters with their offerings that tie the merchant to them (by suggesting merchants write direct to their host and use their non-transferable tokenization or P2PE solutions), Shift4’s technology adds clarity, reduces costs, and gives the merchant freedom of choice. Shift4 is driven to provide the freedom and options to the merchant that help them get the lowest discount rates possible. Our technology – developed by us and owned solely by us – is designed exclusively for merchants and provides high-speed, reliable, and PCI-compliant connectivity to their processor of choice. We give merchants tools that facilitate pre- and post-settlement auditing, reporting, archiving, retrieval of payment transactions, and simplified PCI compliance. We also stand behind these tools with 24/7/365 customer support – and we do all of this for just pennies per transaction.

We’re on the Merchant’s Side
Why pay transaction fees to Shift4? Because, by leveraging Shift4’s technology, significant savings can be realized – savings that come right out of the MSP’s pocket. Many MSPs, banks, and processors succeed when merchants fail and, sadly, some do set merchants up to fail in the name of increased profits.

Shift4 stands willing and able to assist the merchant in achieving compliance with advice and service that the “expert” MSPs may fail to offer. We want merchants to do things right – we don’t make money from the entities that finance merchant credit card transactions. Because we’re not beholden to any MSP, Shift4 can act as the merchant’s advocate and assist them in qualifying for the lowest possible discount rate. We do this by helping them to avoid chargebacks, achieve interchange regulation compliance, reduce “trusted-employee” fraud, and provide unrivaled cardholder security. Our technology is uniquely positioned to give merchants the flexibility to choose any MSP, bank, or processor and even to change from one to another while maintaining consistency in their information technology, financial, and security operations. Rates can’t creep if merchants have flexible technology that forces MSPs to compete.

Basically, we show the merchant where the pitfalls and perils are and how to avoid them. We help merchants prevent costly mistakes that pad MSPs’ profits. We are a true merchant advocate, willing and able to give merchants the information MSPs can’t or won’t share. We are the only true bank- and processor-neutral payment gateway and our merchants’ success is our highest priority.