March 5, 2013

What’s New with DOLLARS ON THE NET®?

The Development team at Shift4 is dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date, user-friendly programs and Web pages for our products. We listen to your feedback and constantly strive to make the improvements most important to you – our merchant customers! Over the past few months, we’ve focused on updating our DOLLARS ON THE NET® Help page, expanding P2PE support, and adding a few customizable features for our 4Word® users. We’re also proud to announce that along with our current Canadian EMV certification with Global Payments, we now are also certified to process Canadian EMV with American Express.
Updated DOLLARS ON THE NET® Help Page
The completely renovated DOLLARS ON THE NET Help page is now live. Help topics have been broken down into seven categories with easy-to-navigate subcategories. A brief description for each has been added so you can quickly find what you are looking for. Help documents for the Universal Transaction Gateway® and 4Word are available now, too.

Coming Soon! – a new search feature that will allow you to search across all documents.

P2PE Support
Are you looking to start using Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) to reduce your PCI scope? We are here to help! New administration settings in DOLLARS ON THE NET allow you to make P2PE a requirement for all transactions under your merchant account once you have supported devices up and running. The supported devices can also be swiped directly into 4VT® (virtual terminal) online transactions and IT’S YOUR CARD® gift card transactions.

Coming in March! – P2PE PIN pad with Ethernet support and P2PE for i4Go®.

New Features in 4Word®
You now have several new features available for 4Word in the DOLLARS ON THE NET Settings page that you can use to customize this service to your business needs, including adding your company logo to outgoing 4Word requests. You can also now customize the length of time that your 4Word connections will have to use the “four words” you send them.

If you are not currently using 4Word or not sure what it is, here’s a brief definition: 4Word provides a Shift4 merchant customer the flexibility to securely grant limited cardholder data (CHD) access to another merchant who is not using DOLLARS ON THE NET. This allows a merchant to maintain a “no-card-data environment” even when they need to share CHD with a third-party vendor or another location in their chain that is not currently a Shift4 customer. More information and use cases can be found in our 4Word brochure.