Want to Vote Out Your Bank?

Well, it’s October and election time here in the United States. Next month we will have the opportunity to vote. We may choose to endure more of the same or we may opt to replace an administration that we don’t feel has our best interests at heart with one that promises something new and (potentially) better. The ability to vote – to choose our own way – is one of the greatest freedoms of the modern world and one that, sadly, many people on earth still do not have.

If we were to compare the payments industry to the nations of the earth, Shift4 would certainly be the “Land of the Free.” Our solution gives merchants the power to “fight” unsatisfactory merchant services providers (MSPs) and banks. If you’re not happy with the performance of your bank, your MSP, or even your PIN Debit provider, now is a perfect time to “vote them out of office” and chose a solution that is more focused on you and capable of providing the service that you need.

Unfortunately, there are many gateways and service providers in our industry who deny their merchant customers these rights.

Shift4 proudly stands as a merchant advocate. As the world’s largest independent payment gateway, we stand apart from banks and processors who often profit from merchants’ payment processing “mistakes.” For them, us helping you process more effectively hurts their bottom line. For us, it’s the right thing to do. You don’t have to sacrifice your freedom for convenience or for security. Shift4’s industry-leading security protocols and revolutionary tools are provided to all of our merchants at no additional cost. Best of all, the TrueTokens® created for each transaction are yours to keep no matter how many times you change banks or processors. With Shift4, they can no longer hold your data captive because we hold your data and we don’t care which bank you use!

If you’re fed up with the unfair business practices, downgrades, and poor service provided by your MSP/ISO, bank, or processor, let us know. We’re happy to provide you with a list of alternative processors, and we work with 99% of the banks in North America. Once you’ve decided which one earns your vote, we can help you make the switch.

Remember, with Shift4 you always have the freedom to choose – so, do your homework and choose wisely. (The same goes for the election; do your homework, choose wisely, and then get out there and vote!)