October 4, 2016

UTG Update Supports New EMV Device and More

UTG Update Supports New EMV Device and More

As a leader in the payments space and a dedicated merchant advocate, Shift4 routinely updates our Universal Transaction Gateway (UTG) in response to industry trends and merchant feedback. While some of these changes are minor tweaks and behind-the-scenes improvements, others may have a larger impact on your business.

We’ve made some recent enhancements to our UTG. Check it out – and update to UTG 2285 today!

  • EMV for Self-Service Environments – We’ve added support for the Ingenico iUC285, a secure smart device specifically designed for self-service checkouts, such as vending machines or kiosks. You can learn more about the iUC285, and the other EMV devices Shift4 works with, here.
  • Barcode printing capability for certain Ingenico devices – You can now print barcodes using Ingenico
    iWL 252 or iWL 258 devices.
  • Generate certificates in UTG TuneUp – We’ve made acquiring an SSL/TLS certificate one step easier by adding the ability to generate certificates straight from UTG TuneUp. Now, the same certificate will be used every time you restart the UTG, so if you’re using a browser-based point of sale (POS) or property management system (PMS), a clerk will only be prompted to accept the security certificate the very first time they use it.
  • Ability to obtain device info – You can already use UTG TuneUp to verify the correct P2PE and debit keys are injected in your Ingenico or Verifone terminals. Now, Ingenico device users can also view a variety of device health stats, including the number of swipes, failures, and more, via a simple API call. Contact your POS or PMS provider to request support for this function.

If you have any questions, you always can reach out to our 24/7/365 Customer Support team at 702.597.2480 (option 2) or [email protected].