September 6, 2016

UTG Update Brings New EMV Options and More

UTG Update Brings New EMV Options and More

As a leader in the payments space and a dedicated merchant advocate, Shift4 routinely updates our Universal Transaction Gateway (UTG) in response to industry trends and merchant feedback. While some of these changes are minor tweaks and behind-the-scenes improvements, others may have a larger impact on your business.
We’ve made some recent enhancements to the UTG that will allow you to take control of the checkout experience. Check it out – and update to UTG 2284 today!

  • Get EMV quick chip – New quick chip options from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover will speed up the EMV process at the point of purchase – no more lengthy waiting required! Shift4 knows this capability is important to you, so we were first in line to support EMV quick chip with all four major credit card brands and completed our certifications the day they were available.*
  • “Swipe” or “insert” ahead – Whether swiped or inserted, your customers can now remove their card from the payment terminal while you continue ringing up their items. Combine it with quick chip for the fastest EMV checkout experience. Ask your POS or PMS vendor if they support it (and urge them to work with us to add support if they don’t).
  • Use U.S. common debit instead of global debit – If you’re EMV enabled, transactions will automatically route over the PIN debit networks instead of the global (credit card) network if your customer’s card allows for it. This saves you and your customers time by eliminating another selection screen – and may save you money in interchange fees!*
  • The option to bypass PIN – If you want to give your customers the option to authorize a purchase with a signature instead of their PIN on EMV transactions, you can. Keep in mind that bypassing PIN authentication may result in increased fraud liability and open up a security hole where a lost or stolen card can be easily used – so be sure the benefits outweigh the risks for your business.*
  • The ability to bypass the “Amount OK” screen – If getting your customers’ agreement to a final transaction amount is unnecessary for your business, you can skip the “Amount OK” selection screen.
  • Enhanced language configuration options for Ingenico RBA devices – Now, you can customize your default language settings to English, French, or Spanish on Ingenico RBA devices.
  • iWL 250 series printer support – Want to add a mobile point of purchase? The Ingenico iWL 250 series can do it all – and we now support the built-in printer, too.

*These options will be configurable in the upcoming DOLLARS ON THE NET release.

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to our 24/7/365 Customer Support team at 702.597.2480 (option 2) or email [email protected].