July 2, 2013

Updates on Shift4’s Innovative Integrations and Partnership

The Shift4 team has been hard at work developing integrations that bring the latest payment processing security technologies in DOLLARS ON THE NET® to the top POS/PMS solutions. We’ve recently announced integrations with MICROS, AlfaPeople, and AutoClerk. Here’s an overview of some of the new Shift4 integrations and partnerships.
Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) is a buzz word as of late and rightfully so. P2PE provides merchants with the last step in cardholder data (CHD) security by capturing CHD as it enters an encrypted swipe device. It then allows the CHD to be tokenized before it reaches the point-of-sale (POS); thereby, keeping it out of PCI scope. Shift4 has developed plug-and-play P2PE for merchants who use MICROS 3700 or 9700 POS and are running 4Go®. Read more here.

AlfaPeople, a premier Microsoft Dynamics AX reseller, has recently partnered with Shift4 to leverage P2PE and TrueTokenization® to reduce their retailers’ card-data environments. In order to provide shoppers with payment options flexibility and the card-data security required, AlfaPeople chose Shift4 to deliver the solution that brings the latest in payment security technologies to their merchants. Read our press release.

For hoteliers looking for a fully Web-hosted PMS, AutoClerk’s myHMS3® with Shift4’s i4Go® and 4Res™ is the first solution to virtually remove all CHD from a hotel’s card-data environment and the hosted data center. Even sensitive CHD coming in from third-party reservation centers is recognized and tokenized before it reaches the PMS with 4Res in play. Learn more here.

We’re always looking for ways to make payment processing more secure for our merchant customers, and to increase the usability and convenience of DOLLARS ON THE NET. Reducing breach profiles, integrating with the top POS/PMS solutions, and delivering the most secure solution in payment processing is our mission. We’re already working on what’s next for Shift4 – U.S. EMV migration, expanded data center, and more – so stay tuned!