Tough Love – Why Shift4 Standards Are So High

Shift4’s extensive security measures might seem excessive to MSPs and merchants. They may think that the added layers of security get in the way of normal business. Just like a proper Englishman who constantly carries an umbrella even though the sun is bright and shining, our protocols can seem superfluous when no threat is present. But, those layers of security are there for a reason: the law requires them and we insist on them.
Shift4 is treated as a financial institution by the bodies that regulate transactions. There are federal and state laws that we are required to follow that, at times, make demands on the merchant’s time.

For instance, our merchants must undergo a third-party identification process, such as Veratad, if they wish to reset a password. Or, we may ask for a government ID or the last four digits of a Social Security number. These are just a few examples of the regulations with which we – and therefore, the merchant – must comply. As strict as some of these requests may be, Shift4 goes beyond them. Some of you are asking why.

At Shift4, we know that the extra effort pays off in security that can protect a merchant’s business. The alternative – a bare-minimum, we’ll-skip-it-this-one-time mentality – can result in massive fines, loss of consumer confidence, and irreparable brand damage. Industry history shows that it takes just one instance of vulnerability to create a security breach from which a business might never recover.

All the added protocol we have is for a purpose. As your business partner, we want you to know how our process works and the laws and statues which we (and you) must obey. Unlike the vast majority of other companies that don’t require your input, Shift4 involves you at almost every step because we want to protect your business in the same way we protect your credit card transactions. We go to such seemingly extreme lengths because we take your security very, very seriously.

Shift4 is always striving to make interacting with our solution or Customer Support department as easy and painless as possible. However, we know it’s much more important to put your security first.
If the storm does strike, you don’t want your umbrella to be at home.