Tokenization Webinar Recap

As you may already know, we’re passionate about tokenization. We should be; we introduced the technology to the industry in 2005 and have watched it “catch on” ever since. Those who follow our blog and other publications have heard us lament the bastardization of tokenization. That’s what we call it when competitors release TINO (“tokenization-in-name-only”) solutions that bear the name of tokenization but don’t offer the security and benefits that were inherent in the tokenization we designed and shared years ago.
With this in mind, Shift4 held our first major Webinar this month. We called it, “Are You Asking the Right Questions About Tokenization?” The Webinar featured Bob Lowe, our recently promoted Vice President of Business Development, leveraging his 25+ years of experience in the hospitality payments industry to teach hospitality professionals what they need to know about tokenization.

Held in two sessions on Monday, June 13, the Webinar afforded more than 150 attendees with an overview of tokenization and a list of questions to ask a potential tokenization vendor. Bob also included an “answers to question” section in his presentation where he warned attendees about the responses that should alert them to potentially weak or inadequate solutions.

Webinar attendees also received a copy of our Tokenization Request for Information (RFI) template. We urged them to have potential tokenization providers (Shift4 and our competitors) complete the RFI and then to decide for themselves which solution is the best for their business. (We all know who that will be.)

Feedback on the Webinar was positive and additional sessions for other verticals are in early planning stages. If you would like to view a recording of this Webinar, are interested in obtaining a copy of the RFI template, or have topic ideas for future Webinars, please feel free to contact us at marketing@shift4.com.