The Latest and Greatest – Why You Need to Update the UTG®

The Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®) makes much of what we do at Shift4 possible. The UTG is (at least partly) responsible for DOLLARS ON THE NET’s speed, security, reliability, simplicity, and our ability to take your POS out of PCI scope. Needless to say, it is a vital component and a piece of technology that we are quite proud of.

However, just because it’s already amazing doesn’t mean we’re done enhancing it. The UTG regularly receives updates ranging from minor code changes that enhance performance or add functionality with new devices, to major updates containing entirely new features.

Most recently we’ve published a series of updates and enhancements to our offline functions – including Secure Offline Stand-In (SOS), which keeps your transactions flowing even when your Internet connection is down.

With all the work we put into these features and enhancements, it is puzzling to us that many merchants don’t take the time to install the updates.

For those who are concerned about time required for an update, know that we keep these updates as small as possible so that they can be downloaded, unzipped, and installed to the UTG in just a few moments. Then all you have to do is restart the service (not the whole computer, just the software). It’s really that simple.

If you have multiple UTGs running in your environment, you can even opt to have Shift4 push the updates to you at a time when your transaction processing is slowest.

In addition to receiving the latest features, keeping the UTG up to date is necessary to ensure that you receive the very best customer support we can offer. Our customer service staff does not support old code. They are trained on the newest technologies and operate only on the current UTG code-base, which means if you do not have the most current version of the UTG installed, their troubleshooting efforts will be severely hampered.

Please review your internal policies and determine who should be responsible for installing UTG updates. If you would like help setting up automatic updates for your UTG(s), please contact Shift4 Support.