The Hacker Who Tried to Steal Christmas

Every merchant in 4ville liked Christmas a lot,
But the Hacker, who lived at the South Pole did not.

The Hacker loathed Christmas! There was no good reason!
And each year he would launch an attack on the season.

He stared down at the 4s with an air of disdain;
He couldn’t be like them so he’d bring them pain.

He’d sit in Mom’s basement with his big computer,
And exploit technology like a skilled data looter.

Each night of the year he’d scheme and he’d hack;
He’d plan acts of fraud – a relentless attack.

“Those 4s are so happy, they’re so filled with cheer,”
He snarled and he sneered. “I’ll hack harder this year!”

While the Hacker made stealing from 4ville his mission,
The Merchants were fearless in their own tradition.

For the Merchants in 4ville were strong with Shift4,
Who gave them security but also much more.

Each day, when hackers like the Hacker would hack,
The Merchants all knew that Shift4 had their back.

With TrueTokenization®, Shift4 bested the fight,
And the 4s down in 4ville could shop with delight.

When Christmas came near, the Hacker plotted his plan,
He’d hit card databases throughout all the land.

He searched for card numbers, in plain-text, to use;
But Shift4’s TrueTokens would spoil his ruse.

He’d steal card data from right in their point of sale.
With new RAM-scraping malware, there’s no way he could fail.

The Hacker, he cackled, as he furiously typed,
And tried to steal all the card data he liked.

While the Hacker made many attempts at their stuff,
All he got in return was some encrypted fluff.

Shift4 encrypted card data and added a Token;
So the Hacker, he thought that his malware was broken.

“What is this?!” he cried and hit his machine.
He moaned and kept trying until he turned green.

There was no data in sight for this Hacker to steal;
Shift4’s payment security, ‘twas the real deal.

At last, in the end, he gave up on his deeds,
Because the tokenized data did not meet his needs.

It made no sense for the Hacker to hack anymore,
When the Merchants in 4ville were using Shift4.

Down in 4ville the Merchants and 4s sung with glee.
Big presents they bought and stacked under the tree.

Merchants thrived in this season of high volume sales.
Shift4 had protected all their payment details.

Now, we hope your Christmas is just as successful,
And that Shift4 makes the season less stressful.

“Merry Christmas!” we say, to you and to yours,
From the whole Shift4 Family and all of the 4s.