The Difference is in the Details

Hello and welcome to 4titude, the official blog of Shift4. For the past 16 years, Shift4 has been at the forefront of payment processing technology, yet during that time too few outside of our customer base have heard enough about us.
Sure, you’ve all heard of Tokenization, a term we coined when we introduced the technology to the world back in 2005, but did you know it was a Shift4 idea? Probably not – and that’s going to change.

Shift4 is home to some of the brightest minds in payment processing and continues to lead the pack as industry thought leaders. We think it’s about time everyone hears what we have to say.

We’ve got a lot in the works right now that we hope you will enjoy reading about in future posts: Canadian EMV rollout, the benefits of bank- and processor- neutrality, TrueTokenization, Universal Transaction Gateway (UTG), and plenty more.

That being said, let’s be very clear about the fact that Shift4 is staunchly merchant-centric, so as much as we’d like to come up with all our own ideas and pretentiously pontificate pure propaganda (I know you liked that alliteration) we’d actually be more excited to blog about what’s on your mind. Do you have topic ideas, or questions you’d like to ask? Leave a comment here or head on over to our Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/Shift4corp) and start a discussion on our discussion board.