February 5, 2013

System Alerts: How Shift4 Keeps You Informed

Shift4’s system alerts help you monitor and diagnose issues with your payment processing quickly and easily. Issues and outages across the industry (from banks, processors, telecommunications providers, etc.) are posted to the System Alerts page of our website and to our Twitter account in near real-time as the information comes to our Support staff. We also post planned (scheduled) maintenance announcements in advance so that you can prepare for any potential downtime.

Any active (current) alerts are visible on the DOLLARS ON THE NET® login page each time you access the site. Also, if you are a Twitter user, you can have these alerts automatically sent to your account just by following @Shift4Corp. In the coming weeks we will also be adding these alerts to our phone system so that you can determine if an issue you may be experiencing is a known issue affecting numerous merchants, or if it may be something specific to you.

The interesting part about these alerts is that Shift4 is often able to diagnose a processor outage or a telecommunications issue before the company responsible even realizes they are down. How?

Well, as you know, Shift4 is the world’s largest independent payment gateway. We support thousands of customers in dozens of industries and connect them to hundreds of banks and processors across North America. So when a processor goes down, we start receiving calls from our customers who suddenly can’t process transactions in their usual way. If a telecommunications carrier goes down, we see the transactions stop flowing. It doesn’t take long for us to spot the common point of failure, and when we do – being merchant advocates – we share it for the rest of our merchant customers to see.

If you notice that your transactions are taking longer than usual to process or maybe aren’t processing at all, take a moment to review the system alerts before you call Shift4. Oftentimes it is not a problem we can fix and your time would be better spent contacting the telecommunications carrier, bank, or processor that is actually causing the issue.

If you don’t see the issue you are experiencing on our list of alerts, then please contact us at 702.597.2480 (option 2) and we will do our very best to help you find and fix the problem.