April 1, 2014

Spring Clean Your DOLLARS ON THE NET® Account

Spring Clean Your DOLLARS ON THE NET® Account

Spring officially arrived last month, which means it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning your DOLLARS ON THE NET® account by removing former users that might be remaining. Doing so will protect against unwanted access to your account.Why Is This Important?
Former employees who are still on your DOLLARS ON THE NET account could potentially log in and wreak havoc. This is especially pertinent if the employee had advanced-level access and left the company feeling disgruntled. It is an unpleasant thing to think about, but a former employee could decide to take vengeful action and access your accounting system. Fortunately, this is entirely preventable. Just have your DOLLARS ON THE NET administrator disable their account.

Dormant Password Concerns
Most employees do not leave unhappy or desire to take malicious action against you, but their stagnant passwords could still be leaving your account vulnerable. The longer a password goes unchanged, the more time hackers have to guess what it is. We suggest that all passwords get changed every 90 days for just this reason (read our password best practices here), but it’s easy to forget that passwords for past employees who are still on your account are no longer getting changed.
Also, when an employee leaves your company, it’s possible they wrote their username and password down somewhere but didn’t think to destroy that information before leaving, which means it could be found and used by the wrong person. Again, this is entirely preventable – just disable all former employees’ accounts.

Update Your UTG®, Too
While we’re on the subject of spring cleaning, have you updated your Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®) in the past six months? If not, you should contact our Support team to update it soon. It’s important to keep your UTG up to date in order to ensure you’re receiving the latest security patches and bug fixes. We are constantly working to stay ahead of security concerns, improve processing time, and provide software updates for our merchant customers, but you must keep your UTG updated in order to reap these benefits. The current version is 2251.

Our world-class, Las Vegas-based Customer Support team is available 24/7/365, so don’t hesitate to call 702.597.2480 (option 2) or email [email protected] with any questions about how to remove users from your account or if you need to ask about updating your UTG.