Sound Off and Win a Trip to Vegas

Do you have a merchant bank horror story? Were you quoted an amazing rate on payment processing but ended up paying much more? Have you paid the price for their deception? Share your story at www.shift4.com/TiedDown for a chance to win an expense-paid trip for two to Las Vegas (including flights, hotel, entertainment, and even a tour of Shift4 HQ, if you’d like to stop by).

Maybe you have a story similar to Alexandra from Florida. After her merchant bank suffered a system error that made her charges appear to duplicate, Alexandra’s bank seized money from her account, claiming it was a second payment on a duplicate transaction. The problem was Alexandra never received any duplicate payments.

“They insisted the duplicated payment went into my account, but there was no extra money – nothing more than the actual sale amount. I told them I could show them the bank statement and all the credit card sales records for the date, and anything else they wanted. But they said they could not do anything because their system showed the duplicated payment was submitted to my account.”

After both the bank supervisors and her merchant services provider who sold her the account refused to help, Alexandra was left with no choice. “I have business accounts and personal accounts with [this very well-known bank] and it is time to cancel them now,” she said.

If you have a story like this, take a few minutes to log on to www.shift4.com/TiedDown and share it. Who knows, it may get you a trip to Las Vegas!