August 5, 2014

Six Reasons to Love Shift4’s Gift Card Solution

Six Reasons to Love Shift4’s Gift Card Solution

Every year, over 90% of U.S. consumers purchase or receive a gift card. In a study conducted last year, 41% of consumers reported having tried a retail store, restaurant, or hotel for the first time because they received a gift card for that business. Of that group, 72% returned to that business. Oh, and don’t forget that 70% of consumers spend more than the value of the card. Looking at these numbers, implementing a gift card solution for your business seems like common sense – and we’ve made it easy.
Here are the top six benefits of Shift4’s IT’S YOUR CARD® (IYC) gift card program:

1) IYC integrates directly with DOLLARS ON THE NET, giving you the ability to sell, reload, and redeem gift cards all from a platform you already know and love. There’s no need to learn new software and no additional costs for gift card reporting. (Many third-party gift card processors charge thousands of dollars per year for the kinds of reports we offer for free.)

2) You keep the money. With IYC, the merchant has control of the funds received from gift card sales. Many third-party solutions hold the funds until the card is redeemed.

3) IYC supports almost every gift-card type imaginable: traditional and electronic gift cards, prepaid cards, merchandise return cards, limited-time offers, teen cards, discount cards, employee expense account cards, and more. It also works with any existing gift card program you may already have in place.

4) Shift4’s SiteBuilder lets you sell gift cards online without investing additional time and money into developing an entirely new Web page. We do all the heavy lifting, you just go through a simple setup process and then enjoy all the benefits of an online gift card program.

5) IYC saves you money. First, we have clearly defined costs for gift card processing (the same pennies per transaction you pay for credit or debit). Also, aside from a small setup fee, there is no additional cost to run IYC for as long as you are a Shift4 customer. And we continue our commitment to neutrality by letting you shop around and choose your own vendor for plastic cards – guaranteeing the best available rates.

6) IYC can be sold across your enterprise (used at every property in a chain), or limited to a specific location or even a specific revenue center (only the spa within your hotel, for example) – the choice is yours.

More than 80% of holiday shoppers plan to purchase at least one gift card in the upcoming season. Prepare now to take advantage of this market. Contact [email protected] to put IT’S YOUR CARD to use in your business.